'White Noise' Jammer and IR Pulsar adjustment.

As white Noise effects one target only, it should have its time increased substantially and have its recharge time increased by a small amount of time to compensate for the buff.

The IR Pulsar effects multiple targets at once and should stay the same or be decreased to the level that white noise 

is at now. 


Increase white noise to 25-40 seconds.

Decrease IR Pulsar to 15-20 seconds.


This will make covert ops a little more useful in countering ecms and other ships using debuffs. they’ll do better overall with this buff.

white noised can be used offensively and it’s on a ship that can position much easier. it’s fine as it is


People have to target the lrf so it’s their own fault. also the cooldown time is horrendous

Which is also why I suggested that they increase its cool down time. (white noise)

Use anti effect modules, and the covert ops white noise is almost useless,

as of current.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. White Noise Jammer is fine as it is.

It’s broken, because of how little time it actually stays in effect once used.

17 seconds of locking disable is more than enough.

It can be decreased to less than 5.

And you will waste 2 CPUs for that  :01515:

only need one and the 2c implant :slight_smile:

only need one and the 2c implant :slight_smile:


With one one proton wall and the 2c implant, you gain 62.2% anti effects.


16 - 50% =8.

17 - 50% = 8.5.


8.5 - 13% of 17…

8.5 - 2.21 = 6.29 seconds.

not quite 5, but it’s close enough.

16 - 50% =8.

17 - 50% = 8.5.


8.5 - 13% of 17…

8.5 - 2.21 = 6.29 seconds.

not quite 5, but it’s close enough.

i have no idea what this means

17 seconds of white noise.


proton wall = 39.2% anti effects.

2c implant, 23%.

62.2% anti effects.


17 seconds - 62.2% = 6.29 seconds of white noise effect.

62.2% of 17 seconds is 10.574 seconds. 17 - 10.574. = 6.426. some part of my math is wrong in here, but that’s that.



Either it’s 6.29 seconds, or 6.426 seconds.


found it, I miscounted the % in the first one. 


It’s 6.426 seconds as the final amount.

Not very long at all.

Then it isn’t less than 5 secs…

You can still get that with an extra cpu, to be sure, but 6.426 is a bad number for this module with a casual amount of anti effects used.

Have you actually tested it? AfaIk it’s not additive, it’s subject to diminishing returns, 2+2=/=4 in this case.

mm, not yet. I’ll try it out pretty soon here, and I’ll let you know.

I do remember getting hit by a few before and it being a lowly number for each one, though.

That’s what you get when you’re hit by green or white stuff.

you have a purple one on you?

Yes and I do have time to make tests with you if you wish.