Terran Confederation [TTC] EX-Steel Marauders




Good day Service Members,


Welcome to the Terran Confederation


A Star Conflict Star Citizen And Planet Side 2 Organization

Recruitment Objective:
The Terran Confederation’s intent is to mobilize the largest space military force currently available. Our goal is to serve the Terran Confederation and Earth! Become part of the core team of the Terran Confederation now! Enlist today and become part of the Terran Confederation. We have various opportunities for you to be apart of the Terran Confederation and be the best you can within our several divisions.

What kind of service members are we searching for?
The Terran Confederation is striving to find dedicated and inspired service members to fill its ranks in the Terran Confederation in the divisions it supports currently. As time draws near the likelihood of this organization changing to the fluent nature of Star Citizen will be necessary to give the player base community the best experience possible. We are a growing community with lots to offer, and if you have ideas we’ll love to hear them!

What the Terran Confederation can offer new service members!

Responsibility and Respect of every service member and or allies. Our mission is to protect Earth and the Confederation as a whole. We want to work together to build a future in our community, into the game and beyond. Your voice is heard! The design of this community and its leadership is made so that you as the service member have a chance to reach out and get your voice heard to the Terran Confederation leadership. Space Supremacy, the Terran Confederation has a well established clear cut goal for the future and it has the training and education necessary to be able to maintain the best readiness status for all fleet forces currently on roll in the Terran Confederation. We will maintain a formidable military with high values in our service members. We have several divisions within our Confederation where an service member will have the chance to show their skill and traits in the Terran Confederation. This community is run by a Marine Corps veteran with 8 years of service who knows tactics and operations and has the professionalism and mindset to lead and instruct a community for ‘Star Citizen’. We accommodate all time-zones and countries. And we now have ‘TeamSpeak3’ servers. New features added daily.

Terran Confederation - Objectives
The Terran Confederation is charged with the protection of Earth and the eight sectors under its governance. But our objective is not limited to that as well.

Military Might of the Terran Confederation:
The Terran Confederation is the sole military power of the Earth sphere alliance and the outlining sectors. Our military forces are dominate across the sectors of space and even more so after our victories against the Kilrathi. Admiral Tolwyn had a saying; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. We offer a regimented organization with a military structure and strong leadership. Our extensive experience and training will give our service members the leading edge against any foe and give them a fighting chance to fight for honor and respect. Through experience and time you maybe subject to having a chance to enlist in the ‘Black Lance’ special operations group who has the resources and capability to perform operations sometimes outside the scope and jurisdiction of regular Navy doctrine.

Finances & Economy:

A strong military has its roots in a strong foundation and it is with that which many of our service members have access to Confederation arsenals that will gain the advantage against the enemies of the Confederation. Our structured goals and plans for the future will undoubtedly bear fruit to serve the Confederation strongly and respectfully. Our many division operations has the ability and training to conduct operations both in and out of the game. With our staff it is possible to ensure that our community members both in game and out are maintained with provisions and instruction to ensure the very best in the Terran Confederation.

The Terran Confederation is the base of operations for all members of the service and free from the concerns of that cause disarray that has stricken so many others. We have several divisions within our community for which service members can apply to. The Terran Confederation calls upon its service members to serve their home they love so much fight for freedom with our eternal vigilance. Again this organization is ran by a veteran and actively seeks eligible members to serve as staff officers for the Terran Confederation community to maintain our sense of professionalism and training. But remember service members, enjoy your time while serving with the Terran Confederation.

The Terran Confederation supports the following divisions excluding illegal acts and dishonesty against the Confederation. I.E. Piracy and other dishonesty to the Confederation.




Terran Confederation News Network

Confederation Service Support

Terran Confederation Military
—Terran Confederation Navy
-----Terran Confederation Marines
-----223rd Pathfinders Battalion
-----75th Vega Logistics Battalion
-----8th Electronic Warfare Systems Tactical Group (EWS Defense)
-----7th Search & Rescue Tactical Group (Search & Rescue)

—Strategic Readiness Agency

—Black Lance

—Terran Confederation Administration Command

—Confederation Express Corporation

—Terran Confederation Diplomatic Corps

The Following are areas of the Terran Confederation which will have experience in and support of.

B - Bounty Hunting
(Special Operations)

E - Exploration
(Navy & Intelligence)

F - Freelancing/Mercenary
(Special Operations)

L - Logistics (refueling, mining, salvaging)

M - Militaristic/Security
(Navy, Intelligence & Special Operations)

Pr - Privateering
(Special Operations)

S - Smuggling + Information Running
(Covert Transport Operations)

T - Trade
(Confed Express - Administration Command)

(RP-O)=Roleplay Optional

The Divisions of the Terran Confederation is setup to accommodate specific areas of these functions, which one is good for, only you will know. Enlist today for an experience of a life time…

The Terran Confederation is considered - [LG] - Lawful Good




*Puts out The sign. Grabs the coffee and doughnuts and sits back* Aghhh ready for another day of recrutment

welcome to our newest members

*Walks in pulls out the coffee and starts sorting out recruitment forms * 

Another fine day at marauders HQ.

*edit* matter has been solved. Disregard this troll (me)

Gonna check your site out

*edit* matter has been solved. Disregard this troll (me)


Thank you very much for editing this 

it is nice to meet people that are hear to help the forum and not just poke it with sticks 

hope to see you in game some time 



Good luck!


How bad is your ping from Australia?

Good luck!


How bad is your ping from Australia?

have had no problem at the moment high ping but no lag and im running my own Teamspeak server and have USA and Swedish people on line with no dramas yet

Touch wood

Yhea, I don´t think I´ve had a single issue with ping being an issue. Hell I were downloading another free to play while I was playing and had no issues then.

well we are into the double digits and starting to get some momentum guys make sure to jump on Saturday for a big push lets see how many squads we can put together

My aim is for 4 this weekend on Team Speak at the same time

Hey guys it granny, enjoying the clan so far

welcome and long life to SM

Thank you BlackStorm and same to your Corp

good luck and good hunting

well done this week guys for a small corp we hit the top 50 in PvP  lets go for top 25 next week

wow just joined these guys and i must say im the first girl in the ranks and i haven’t played with a better bunch of ppl before see you out there guys

lets crush some space ships lol

nice to have you with us Azrielle had some great fights last night 

good work this weekend and happy Easter to all our pilots

also congrats to KorkiProphet1

for advancing in the ranks this week 

hope you all had a good holiday and see you online soon

Loving my first day in the Corp, had some great flights with Tealc today, and of course, some pretty terrible ones… lol. Don’t think im doing too bad :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all in the black sometime!

Ah… for some reason I can’t log on to the website displayed upfront, so can I apply to join you guys right here? :slight_smile: You people seem to be nice and somehow awesome as you are top 50 already, plus: you speak English instead of Chinese which I need more work on 0.0

In-game ID: CatalystD          rank 6 for all factions, just started playing for like a week, but still I loooooooooove this game!