Take control biomorph addition and example

I come here to update my old topic and add more why biomorphs should be added for the pilots :slight_smile: ( take control biomorph old )

so… adding the biomorphs for the pilots could give an advantage in the distant future of the game where we could infiltrate the biomorphs and counterattack their plant ((and be able to go out in open space with their ship and it won’t attack us because we have has the same ship as them ^^ why not add a system of allies)) be able to have a new campaign unlockable only when they have finished building one of their ships^^

((((( how to build them???

as for the previous ships, this time having a much larger combat pass to be able to build them and with all the plans to make them ^^

buying the pass allows you to have the parts directly … not having a pass will not give the parts but will give you the plan to craft the parts … which adds a difficulty for people who do not have the pass.^^

while the event is happening why not have a bit more alien lore?

on the other hand, I wouldn’t know what to add as lore with this event ^^ so if you players have any ideas, don’t hesitate to say so

of course the aliens can be piloted in a temporary game mode (beetle in the anthill) but it would be nice to really have them ^^ then in the image I posted the ships have cheat stats xD so nerf them to be able to adding them would be nice ^^