it seems to be a big hassle to hook in a squad or even to start a wing/clan…can you not make it any easier?

can we do that already then?

There will be an interface for it in the future :slight_smile:

can we do that already then?

Wrong game Alex 8).

Can you please make clans Race based. It will vastly improve the faction vs faction play.

just make it race based, not faction based, that way there is only 3 types of clans, it will help out a lot.

Role play tends to add a fun element to the game.

Big NO to Race based clans. It not making any sence, even now our fights are multirace.

You have to keep two things in mind,

First, The game is new, and population is low, So in time, these things can and should change.

Second, If the game is faction based, Then it will move to having a faction-based RP-PvP System (similar to that of even) where the gm’s can make Npc dreads to fight or something fun like that.

And dont forget, its just so fun to represent your people, it puts a lot of value into the game.

From my experience its good for RP players, but theres more non-RP players, and from that perspective, faction specifed clans are worse. It means less players in clan, cos you can join only if you’re a specific race. Its a problem if you’re clan/corporation is nationality based, and you’re recruiting players that speak only X (non-english).

If youre targeted corporation/clan player pull is small, its bigger problem when its divaded on 3 or 6 sub pulls. For me its unnecessary division of community. And thats from a lots of experience in MMOs as GM (guild master/corp director, call it like you want:) ).

Even with faction mixed corps/clans you can have RP events like “youre father/mother land needs you!” where you maybe cbmbat against you’re fellow corp friends in the name of Federation/Jericho/Empire.

You shouldent have clans with 10000 people in it. They should be capped at 250 max anyways. And honestly, the systems where guilds are capped via the level of the guild is the best system.

There is a reason for this.

If you make clans spam invite to everyone, Then you have a attrition for other guilds. Meaning you have 1 guild with 1000 players, and 50 guilds with 20 players. Its not good. Faction basing them with a cap is a good way to cause guilds to have quality , not quantity. it also adds to the RP environment, It adds to clans being based off their races factional technologies, and it adds to clans having an identity outright.

the community is the foundation of the game, and you cant have a community foundation with 1 guild having all the active players.

its very much like a society in the real world.

the foundation of a society is based on a family, If the family (Or in this case families if you are talking about an entire culture) has strong ties, then the cities and towns do, this brings about production, and morality, among other things, as well as an identity. if these principles are strong, so will the rest of the society, to be strong. If they are not, then it will ultimately fail, or be conquered.

So in a similar way. if the families of this game are strong, so will its society, or in this case, Community.

you are attacking the foundation of the game’s survival. I think you should stop and think about the outcome of your suggestions first (with due respect).

I recommend that you look at games that are successful, and ones that are not, and then try to determine why they are, and use those principles to argue for changes or not.

Lastly, there is an exception to the above rule, but this exception was a rare one. World of warcraft works because of the free invite / restriction system, however this is because of the mass population. even in eve, you have open invites, but you will find that the majority of serious pvp corps were limited to Amarr, and gallente This is because of the nature of the races. take one of my old corps for example, Dark star one. It was the pride of the alliance ASCN the largest standing alliance in the game with some 7650 players (8250 at peak). the first alliance to build a titan, and the core of that alliance was our corp, which was a corp consisting of 325 capital ships. out of all this, some 66-67% of our alliance was gallente, and another 21-23% was amarr.

The amount of mimatar was none existance, probly something like 100 pilots, and likely 200-300 caldari pilots. you are talking some serious difference here.

believe me, faction based corps are the way to go.

There is a solution to this debate however, a sort of idea this game has already implemented.

If the corp is one race, or even once faction it could grant a bonus to its members of rep gain.

for example if all of the corp is empire, you gain 50% more gain, if all of the corp is the same faction, you gain 100%

this would encourage people to play faction based corps, but at the same time open invite it.

i believe however strongly about the above mentioned. at the very least, there should be a cap on all corps with a max of 150 or 250 players.

“You should not have clans with 10000 people in it. They should be capped at 250 max anyways.”

I agree with that and reasoning after it. But its not anything against what I’ve said. You can cap as well faction based as non faction based corporations/clans. I’m not saying that number should be exactly like that, it can be tweaked, but I agree with capping as general. Molochs aren’t good for me.

Faction/race based corps aren’t what PvP game should be about. Faction based games, are bad for balance, its bad for PvP mini-games/war-zones, cos of unbalance as for open world pvp. Its only good for RP purposes, but RP doesn’t needed it so much, you still have events, even combat ones, for factions vs factions. Sometimes its good for Open World faction conflicts background, but then, if faction are unbalanced in numbers, and sadly most often they are unballances, its no fun (if you are in more numbered its too ez for you, and if youre outnumbered its often too hard cos you are overflown with enemies and cant do a thing before youre dead). Similar problems are on mini games war zones battlegrounds, like was in SWTOR.

Thats why in game focused on PvP like Eve (aliance war background) or GW2 (dimensions war background) you dont have faction based Open World PvP or minigames (GW2, Eve simply have non minigames.). Because of similar reason, we dont have here faction based games, like Federation can play only against other faction, and because of that, clans shouldn’t be forced to be so limited. When you limiting corporation members to be in one faction, and they want to play together, you’re limiting they diversity in tactics too.


“even in eve, you have open invites, but you will find that the majority of serious pvp corps were limited to Amarr, and gallente”

Thats untrue. In Eve race dosnt mather, you’re char skills to fly ships does (ofcourse player skill to fly is important too, but its not the matter of discussion). In Eve you can be Gallente and fly Amarr ships with no problem.

lets first recognize that unfair sides are best on mechanics of weapons etc.

when you make a universe with 3 section each belonging to a race, that has specific style of play you create identity for the game, and a sense of purpose for the players picking each race.

Thats why in game focused on PvP like Eve (aliance war background) or GW2 (dimensions war background) you dont have faction based Open World PvP or minigames

eve was based on this concept, only with 4 races, and for the entire history of eve, there has been alliances that have held space, and performed well as a pure-racial alliance I was part of the most advanced pvp group in this game, for 8 years we roamed and killed where ever and what ever we wanted, when we were seen people ran the other way. one of the most successful alliances (forsaken empire) Was undefeated on the battlefield, pure race alliance that control most of the north for 3 years

CVA controlled center of the game, some 30-40 systems for over 6 years. ursha khan controlled over 60 systems for 2 years.

where you get off saying there was no racial pvp i have no idea, but you need to go back to eve and get out of empire. some of the greatest alliances were pure racial.

. Pure race corps and allliances are a very succesful thing in many games, people adverse to it are often against rp, and that is the soul reason for objection

This like giving a face an identity is not going to unbalance a game, infact, many successful games are built on it. Pure race corps have nothing to do with game balance, but they have everything to do with

im traveling through fed space, better expect a fleet to to decloak and ask me if i came for a tea party

or to expect a good fight in jerico space

or to expect lots of fleeting from emp space.

those sorts of things do not break a game. Infact, i have played and developed for a game that is purely race -created, and it is a space combat game just like this one. It works very well, and patching for race-specific items in this game is very rare (one every 6-7 months)

I’m pro-faction based clans. Game experience right now feels lacking… you choose a side and get permanently stuck with certain selection of ships and weapon/mods strengths, also you must rise in your faction… however it fails to provdie faction vs factions gameplay. It seems to me that devs planned one thing - failed to deliver then quickly changed their mind but left all the things from first plan.

If we have a mercenary game experience then why are the ranks specified to factions? why are we limited in our ships selection… it it was a merc game then we should have general ranks and no ship type restrictions.

Well there is no race pvp now. It was, but there is reason why it is not now. You are speaking general “games” but im giving you example of games, that wasn’t based on race specific PvP or games focused on PvP that aren’t based on it anymore, or wasn’t from beginning for good of the game. I even gave you example with new game, where faction specific was bad move (SWTOR, TSW).

And, clans focus here, should be PvP, so they shouldn’t be restricted, like the game it self isn’t, to one faction. What is good in faction specific clans, and wheres RP factor, where you go in a sector and fight beside of other factions, but cant have them in squadron? And if it change to faction based minigames, it probably wont be good, and after some time there will faction whos constant underdog, and other who is overwhelming others.

You can give player identify without restricting other game activities.

There isn’t in Eve online rage about corporations non faction specified, or PVP non faction specified. There is a good reason - now it works better. And still allows to be in game faction specific content, that allow you to be “mercenary” for this faction and do missions for them. Even when you are from different faction. You want RP in it? Then RP. Feel free to do mission only for you’re faction, or be backstaber and work for your enemy - you’re choose. If you care for RP - you can RP. If you dont - you will do work for factions you choose regardless of RP. Its just easier to have non faction specified game, and let player choose what to do and how.

Its best for you to explain why its bad, just saying its bad does not make it true.

give us some reasons so we can talk about it and see whats up.

Well there is no race pvp now. It was, but there is reason why it is not now.

Just what I thought. It’s not the problem that they decided to make matchmaking non-faction specific if it works better, the problem is that the game still has a promise of faction based experience since they didn’t remove faction based elements nor changed the backstory itself. Details like these set apart good game from great games and Star Conflict is good and has a promise of greatness if devs put in a little more effort.

We are restricted right now too… i.e. I can’t choose a different tier 1 ships without switching faction… so right now your faction is only restricting you from using all the ships in the game… and if we want non-facton game experience we should remove this element also… we have mixed faction battles so i see no reason why to limit the player’s choice to only certain set of ships. Devs should make up their mind what they want from this game…

edit: by different I don’t mean different by looks but different by how it play out… for example as an imperial i have more hull, less shields and less maneuverability and i’m stuck with it nor can I mix it up a bit i.e. i can’t choose fighters with more hull but firgates with more shields if that suits my gamestyle better… true i can switch faction but to switch faction i must pay tons of credits and also will lose access all the rank I had till now. If it’s meant as mercenary game this really sucks.

@ immg, Exactly. The game is already basically race specific. its just a matter of a few alterations to make it more so.

another possible game more is faction vs faction, this could serve to offer more missions. though honestly the game modes have to go imo. its very tacky. We just need a flat out universe. I am willing to sit down and design all of it, if the devs will give me the access and privs, ill fire up 3ds, photoshop or what ever need bad and start at it. all they will have to do is the coding, and so forth.

If ever the was a reason not to do pure race corporations, it would be sole and utter on the position of population.** And since this game owns, and iv been advertising, i dont give it long. Already iv seen over the last week 200-300 more on during peak. though the devs will have to confirm the 1000-2000 player increase, I gave this game 3 months before you see instant ques, and over 25k people in. game. (provided word of month still go’s)**

Well im pro for stepping down on ship restriction.

its nothing personal areq, i agree with your intentions, most have the same feelings, but the reasons you are doing it is based on opinion, and not evidence supporting it. as a dev, i know how a lot of the story works in the background. and believe me, this game like was stated can become great, but it will depend on

  1. Open universe

  2. How clans interact and how space is conquered.

  3. How well the races are uniquely designed, and independent from each other.

get those right, and this game will become the next world of warcraft, because to general feel of the game, graphics and so forth are all spot on.

I would like open space and clans interacts too. But for now, we don’t have it. We got only minigames/warzones. And if we had it, we could or not need faction specified clans etc. I think not. Look at Eve or GW2, they don’t need it. And there is no rage about it.

no one raging about anything, you are just saying its a bad idea and not providing anything about why. thats all, so its illogical.