Special Modules: Remastered

I would love the Micro Disruption cannon… I’m tired of hitting 12 minefields while trying to capture a beacon with no one on it, that is not fun. XD


The plasma Frission may be too close to the Overdrive module.


Engineer drone changes would be fantastic~


The more people you get to vote the closer it will become to a reality! 

I like a lot of it except two things:


the command ship buff seems a bit over the top. instead, give it a longer absolute speed boost, which means, no % boost, but really a fixed value and maybe some turning bonuses. Warp Command Bubble. dunno what name, but it would be nice for the command ship to be able to boost the fighters and frigs around him for a longer run, while resistance and damage increase should be active modules.


and the cov ops special 2 gives less overheat - while nice if you want to equip pulse lasers, it should also give spread decrease to a small amount for the more usual RFP or RFR setup you usually use in a Covert Ops. While I like overheating weapons in ECMs - I think covert ops with other than the rapid fire modules mostly isnt benefitial, especially because of the orion module (which either increases dps (rfp) or alpha (rfr)), and even the fast lasers need a bit of spread decrease instead.

Interceptors - Covert Ops


After burners off?  I never rarely take my finger off the shift key!  I run 129m/s in reverse, I know because I try to keep moving at least a little bit unless I’m checking on something.  RFP and RFR don’t overheat, so what boost would they get?


Interceptors - Recon


We really need something to remove mines other than waiting.  Missiles are countered, nukes which are just giant mines are countered, everything can be countered by some ship except mines.  Driving a guard through them doesn’t count.


Interceptors - ECM


I still like ECM, I hate the module.  By the way, it was renamed to Metastable Energy Field Generator.  Your EMP would be like a giant stasis generator, it’d free up one module for me.  I do feel it’s a tad too strong.  Another idea I had was to take all damage received while being in the field gets throw out at enemy targets.  If you’re getting hit a lot, from missiles or gun-fire, you turn into a nuke.  The barest of ideas to improve it would be to have the current pulse activate one second before the end, and last for two seconds.  It’d save a lot of ECM’s from death.


Fighters - Command


Reflection Shield, too powerful.  If you get hit by weaker ships, already damaged, they can’t make a kill shot, they’ll kill themselves.  If you’re hit by a plasma web first does it cancel the web or transfer new damage to the CO.

Command Station, not too bad.  I sort of like it, but I think it needs a little limiting.


Fighters - Gunship


Increasing optimal range increases damage because damage scales with distance.  It’s why the range boosting weapon mods are at least to be far superior to the % boost modules.  It’s something to consider.


Fighters - Tackler


You should be able to use it with low shields, just like a CO uses white noise.  It has to be more than helping allies and do nothing for yourself.  It would be overwhelming around a beacon.


Frigates - Jericho LRF


Bypassing missile shields is the minimum it needs, and not blinding the pilot to what’s going around him.  It’s a bad experience to get a missile shot down and then find out your shields are gone.  Unlimited rockets would be nice.  Even if you missed most of the time, all those incoming rocket alarms will just annoy the person so badly, people would just it just to troll.


Frigates - Empire LRF


It would be used to take out captains in combat recon right at the start.  The captain would die in 15 seconds maximum on the right map.


Frigates - Guard


It sounds like a shared diffusion shield.  It’s fitting for the role.  Doing “down to 25%” is meaningless, because that’s the new 0%.


Frigates - Engineer


I’ll probably post a frigate thought I had today at work, it’d really disrupt the game and maybe make it better.


Well, my main concern is towards Jericho LRFs. They are severely underpowered as Long Ranged ships.


I was excited to first get a LRF.  I was severely disappointed.  Missiles shot down, maneuvering sucks, etc.  Missiles getting shot down turns the frigate into a slow fighter.

Jeri long range frigs with >9000 rockets and no guns, how awesome would that be. And EXPENSIVE.

Jeri long range frigs with >9000 rockets and no guns, how awesome would that be. And EXPENSIVE.


No, with the ability to turn into a rocket boat, you pay only 500 credits PER rocket. 

Wait, each rocket costs credits?  NO!  I vote no!

You managed to get this in before I did. Though my idea is a little different:

Special modules per race.

Brings back the specialised modules per faction, in a way.

I shall edit the post to make it more clear. 

I whole heartedly agree that Jericho LRF’s need a buff. I also play Mechwarrior Online and I love firing missiles and having a “FIRE ALL THE  MISSILES!” button would be awesome. Although, making the Guided Torpedo be more resistant to missile would be nice. I wish that the devs would buff LRF’s in general to counter frigballing instead of nerfing one class of ships.



don’t forget, the moment they buff LRF to counter frig ball, they might become their own frigball all together killing everything before it even gets close.

don’t forget, the moment they buff LRF to counter frig ball, they might become their own frigball all together killing everything before it even gets close.

Then we send in the covert ops!

I like it.  Introducing variety and individuality to ships are always good. However, I feel that the suggestion (while great food for thought) are too ambitious.  It would introduce a huge amount of complexity that’s difficult to implement, balance, and learn.  


Taking the same idea but applied more prudently  would perhaps be a passive modifier slot for ships T4 and above that changes the stats of special abilities.  For example, you can choose between a standard modifier that simply improves the stats of the original ability or a modifier that changes some of its basic mechanics like stated above.  This is similar to a weapon modifier but non-toggleable - for the sake of reduced complexity.  This would solve three fundamental problems with the game :


1/ The lack of differentiation between T4 and T3 

2/ The lack of customization options between ships of the same type

3/The reducing effectiveness of certain modules such as guided torpedo, plasma arc, etc up the tiers


By introducing this passive modifier slot to T4 only would give more incentive to play in T4 while also giving players time to master the game before encountering the new abilities.

I support everything above.


Every secondary ability you proposed is in my eyes not as well suited to each class as the primary abilitys are.

It would add alot of complexness to the players and it will be hard to balance. In addition, i dont really like pretty much any of the abilitys, either because it doesent belong to their class or because it promotes a gameplay i dont want.


The idea for jericho LRF is pretty good though, although i feel it needs work on.

I dont think thoes missiles should cost any money and pure unguided rockets will be impossible to aim at long distances which a LRF is supposed to be in are my internal thoughts.

don’t forget, the moment they buff LRF to counter frig ball, they might become their own frigball all together killing everything before it even gets close.


Except the pilot’s blind while firing.  Once you see the missile fire, attack hard and fast.  It’s their greatest weakness.  Missile shields make them useless to me.  It’s vulnerable, and easily made into a slow fighter.

Can I do a quick hijack?

Can I do a quick hijack?


i guess so? yes?

i guess so? yes?


of you.

i guess so? yes?

Then let it begin.


Let’s admit it. Most of us quite liked the faction-based special modules. So why can’t we have them back… in a slightly different way? Basically, as racial modules? I would quite like to see it as it would add some variety and a little extra flavour to them in general, plus give people a reason to choose ‘x’ race’s ‘y’ over the other as their playstyle is ‘z’ so it fits better.


Cov Ops

Federation: Switches to  SWARM Missiles

Jericho: Stick with a tweaked Plasma Web


Empire: Microwarp Engine

Federation: Switches to… I have no idea.


Jericho: Stays as Metastable Energy Field Generator

Empire: Switches to  HAZARD Virus


Empire: Switches to  Gatling Cannon

Federation: Stays as Ship Overdrive


Federation: Stays as Chameleon

Jericho: Switches to  Blink


Jericho: Stays as Diffusion Shield

Empire: Switches to something else.


Federation: Tweaked drones

Empire: Anyone?


Jericho: Switch to Hadron Barrier

Federation: Stays the same

Thanks for doing the LRF for me!

Please provide links to those modules. We need more details

I kinda liked the module variation we had before the ship revamp. You’d get the original module on a baseline ship and the 2 variations on that ship’s variants. Course it can be applied here for off-racial ships.

I think that remaking the ship specials again is a bad idea…I think the specials currently are fine, and we got enough to balance already o.O