Limit the amount of Frigates on a team.

Getting into way to many tier 2 matches where 9 out of 12 people are rolling around with frigates. Which is great for them, but doing a bomb mission vs 4 snipers, 3 bombers  2 drone ships, is a little ridiculous since we cant kill any of them at all. Also on the other hand, on a captain mission can ruin this also.

I’m going to turn your argument around:


“12 people in interceptors is nigh unstoppable in Detonation. It’s a little ridiculous since you can’t hit them and they go 600m/s so you cant catch up either, and if you do, they just chain CC you omgomg!”


Honestly, I’d be very miffed if I wanted to use a specific ship I have fitted for certain game modes and was then told “NOPE” for some inexplicable reason.


So yeah. Useless suggestion is useless.

Solution: Stop playing Arcade.

Solution: Stop playing Arcade.


LOL, Agreed.


But Honestly something about limiting the number of each ship type wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to implement.


Arcade Match 6 people.  2- Interceptors, 2- Fighters, and 2- Frigates on the field at one time for each team.

Arcade Match 8 People.  3 Interceptors, 3 Fighters, and 2 Frigates on the filed at one Time for each team.


I have seen matches that were 2/3 Disentegrator Frigates.  You couldnt even Dog Fight without heavy cover, since the Snipers were so Thick.  Could not take a beacon since they had each one covered from about 3 different angles.  Was a total BS match persoanlly, But about 2 days later they changed the Max numbers of players in a match and it did get better.  So there ya go.


Me I keep telling Corpmates to stop playing the Empire Frigates and try someing with some skill.  Figure they going to nerf the Empire Frigates soon enough anyways.  At least make it so they can hit their own team, like the Jerichos.  And slow the Projectile speed down a lot more.  THey should not be able to snipe a slower Fighter or interceptor while hes in a dog fight.  I’ve seen it done, not to me thankfully.  But let one open up on my Frigate and Im dead soon, unless I find cover REALLY fast.

Solution: Stop playing Arcade.

Should I really have to stop playing a game mode I enjoy because of this. Doesn’t really seem fair to all the other players out there.

Should I really have to stop playing a game mode I enjoy because of this. Doesn’t really seem fair to all the other players out there.


Should people really have to stop using their favorite ship because you don’t like it. Doesn’t really seem fair to all the other players out there.

Should people really have to stop using their favorite ship because you don’t like it. Doesn’t really seem fair to all the other players out there.

Throwing a game away b/c everyone and their dog wants to be a frigate, is not fair to the team.

Just play tactics. One can disteact while another one scores and this loveky 6k thermal team damage is so entheallingly funny

I dislike this idea, I have played games on servers that put restrictions on some classes for the # of them out at once. I go dam I can not play what I want for my play style, time to go some where else. Some how I do not think people are going to want to play something they dislike 1/2 - 1/4 of the time to get to play something they like the rest, I know I will not.


Idea to fix it. Make the other ships a bit more appealing so they might play them more.

All frig teams going to make you lose 2 game types most of the time, to slow to carry the bomb or chase and too slow to stop a faster team taking nodes.

I also have to disagree as I really really don’t like artificial limits in games like that.


I know I maybe demand too much from the players, but ultimately it should be up to them to see what other people are playing and “fill the gap” if they have certain class ship and can fly it good enough.


It’s (fairly) common knowledge that if you have too many ships of certain type in the game, your team have high chances to loose the match. That’s why we have “warm-up” screen to choose most beneficial ship  both for us and our team.


On the other hand… if we would like to limit frigates, we would have to limit other ship types too. What about those players who have invested their time and skill to fly frigate and are forced to fly basic interceptor with such system? What about those who don’t have different type of ship available at all?

OP ur missing the point. Putting a cap on frigates is a quick fix which doesnt fix the problem that needs to be addressed.


Frigates are overpowered. Its beta so im sure it will get balanced out soon.

Frigs arent op, but 10 frigs buffing an interceptor (as in the game im in) where he gets healed by the same amount my deimos 2 can put out, if i not even miss once, is ridicoulus

I only play interceptors, I tell my corp to switch around to different classes to stay balanced

Dont like restrictions like limit for ship class

No ,no limit. In my personal point of view , i have to say  own fault . I am allways looking at the beginning of the match which ships my teammates choose ,and THEN i choose my own , taking a class which best fits or doesnt appear at all . So when you see , that the whole team playing Frig take the fighter or interc. , you maybe loose but at least you tried your best and hopefully the others will learn .

imo the point is that frigates are more easy to get used with , interceptors need quite long time to fly well and stay alive long enough to be happy with theyr role in game , fighters can be nor too easy nor to hard to get used , same they can be nor too safe to fly nor too weak to die in 2 shots.

what make this inbalanced is mostly the skill everyone have with each ship , same is about the knoledge of modules and theyr way fior best use : all this need time , and not bad comments when someone try to do theyr best to to fun … by the way i would say one more about roles … maybe some buff would be better if are payed more , i’m thinking of some modules that are few used , like spy drones etc , so that also players that are still in “apprentice” can do support and get good reputation gain and good credits gain :wink:







Going to have to second NTT’s argument here, Huge glut of interceptors is just as effective (and considerably more annoying) than a bunch of frigates.  Admittedly, the interceptors actually have to DO stuff other than just sit at the back and launch missiles/snipe, but over-all the effect is the same.


Personally, I think the reason frigates seem OP to some players is a lack of co-ordination, and whilst I appreciate how hard it is to form a cohesive attack without a good squad, it could be argued that this is the incentive to join a corp and start playing with a team.


Just don’t join EVO!

  1. Go fed fighter

  2. Fly to the bottom of the map

  3. Cloak when frigates are within around 12,000 meters.

  4. Fire ALL THE WEAPONS whilst hugging their under belly/behind (They can’t shoot back from there, and fighters are much more agile)

  5. Enjoy frigate rage in general post match



you should play what you like. its like you saying to your girlfriend that she can’t blow ya.