Jungfaha Corporation

Jungfaha Corporation [JungC]



About the [JungC]:


The Jungfaha Corporation is a place where people from all over the world have the opportunity to get together, using modern communication tools, and enjoy some good clean fun.


Our core values / Code of Ethics, (Love, Honor, Respect, Diligence, Discipline, Moderation, Self-Evaluation, Humility, Meekness, and Reasonableness) guide us across boundaries that would otherwise divide us.  We live by a high moral standard and try our best every day to follow the Code of Ethics. We are always looking for others who share these types of values to join.  It isn’t always easy, but if you are patient, persistent, and willing to give it a try, it will be more your team then anything else. You can apply at Join The Team.



Websites, Groups, and Voice Chat Software:


Main Website: xxxxxx


Main Page:  Steam Group [JungC]


Chat Software: Discord





Team Rules:




TEAM rules are:

  1. No foul language.

  2. English, & French speaking ONLY

  3. Follow the TEAM MOTTO aka code of HONOR

  4. DO NOT ever joke or talk about the sexual parts of the human body! Ever!

  5. Max font size you may use is Normal, in any chat room.

  6. Follow the code of Honor at all cost!

  7. Follow all of our/your team regulations

  8. We recommend everyone to be ‘Open minded and Frank’

  9. We follow to the best of our ability the STARCONFLICT Rules & Regulations.




The Members:



Total of 400 & + members, between ages 6-57 years old.



How to become a member in the [JungC]:



  • Join us on Discord talk with us get to know the team.

  • Min. age 5, & Max. age 1005. (Anyone older then 1005 is to old sry, anyone younger then 12 are requested to have their parents speak with one of our CEOs or Admins.)




“We reserve the right to be unimpressed if you can not follow these simple instructions”

all those colors hurt my eyes :frowning:

This corporation is great! I love the code as it promotes maturity and communication!

Maturity? Really? Those rules make it sound like a daycare, dude.

Maturity? Really? Those rules make it sound like a daycare, dude.

And does what you just said sound mature?

Blah my Eye!!!

:facepalm:  :facepalm:  :facepalm:

I’m just saying, it sounds like a daycare. No reason to have feelings about your internet guild.

We should be respectful of each and every corp, Jack.

just killed three of them in less then 15sec xD

I’m just saying, it sounds like a daycare. No reason to have feelings about your internet guild.

This is your opinion. Most of us have plenty of feelings about our ‘internet guild’ with real friendships developing over time.


Some people forget that yes you are playing a game but you are doing so with real people. This comes with social etiquette and a certain level of common sense and courtesy when dealing with said people. If this is something you cannot understand, you should not be participating in such games or interact on forums or in-game chats.


Or as the common saying goes: If you have nothing useful to contribute, don’t say anything at all.

Nice, another corp, wish you luck with it guys :slight_smile:

We should be respectful of each and every corp, Jack





Yes. Please see the forum rules, thank you.

Thanks EvilTactician, 

JungC certainly isnt the place for some of these peoples bad attitudes, lols.  

Love the respect!


The [JungC] is in BETA.




Dear members of the [JungC],


We have succesfully found and created a forum signature.


What is a “Signature”? How do i get the Corporation signature?


A signature is:

"Internet forums

On web forums, the rules are often less strict on how a signature block is formatted, as Web browsers typically are not operated within the same constraints as text interface applications. Users will typically use a “signature” text area in their given profile for input, which can then allow a user to turn off signatures. Depending on the board’s capabilities, signatures may range from a simple line or two of text to an elaborately-constructed HTML piece. Images are often allowed as well, including dynamically updated images usually hosted remotely and modified by a server-side script.

Signatures are seen as an art form by many of their creators, and there are many websites centered around their creation and display. Some of these websites have competitions, battles and signature of the week contests, where members submit their entries to have them featured on the website."

This was copied from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forum_signature#Internet_forums.



Getting the Corporation Signature by:


Following the instructions below.

  1. To be edited. Contact your team via TeamSpeak for more info ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Great group of people.  Everyone in the group wants to be there and is willing to put forth some effort to ensure that everyone is having good clean fun (quite rare in this world, seriously…)

So why english and french ? You got many canadians members or something ?

So why english and french ? You got many canadians members or something ?

We would have more languages, its just we need at least 2 admins of a different language, in order to accept it. SO, if we had for example 2 people who know italien and are admins then we will also include italien in our corp. We would like to have anyone from anywhere it’s just we get language and communication barriers. :) It is not about where our members are from its about having the resources to handle the different languages.

This Is The Best Corp Ever. Of All Time.

hello peoble :slight_smile: