I'm a beginner: better read this

Hello mercenary! Are you lost?
here, I will try to explain the basics from the selection of your starting faction until the common mistakes and passing by an explanation of how to fight in each gamemode and build a ship.
This topic became a community creation with the help of older players.


This topic is organized chronologically as you can read it while starting to play.

Clic on “show” next to a spoiler to show the informations.


Updated - 16/09/2015

/!\ MOTD: Tutorial complete! I am currently adding basic builds in the I), 2) section.

A thing or two before starting:

Administrator words about this guide:

In general this guide has some good and decent basic.

2) The blue list

Each class can be played in different ways especially when you reach higher Tiers, so I would not agree fully with this.
Keep on the good work!


The wrong part have been modified accordly to the post and the rest is alright.



- If you just need a basic “how do i use this ship?”, jump to the part I2). You won’t need the 10 different chapters.

  • And if you came from my old topic about classes and subclasses, you should know that it is outdated.



You maybe want to know how to specifically play each ship and you maybe don’t find any answer because this game is not friendly with the new players.
Then I made this topic because I remember when I started too and also…because nobody does it -_____________-   xD


Regardless of the current post situation, this brings a good point to the table:
There is not a decent role tutorial yet. Only basic flight controls. There nothing to tell when it’s good to use restoration modules, or attack modules, or suppourt modules. Also class roles are not well defined in game either. Only a few of them really do what they say they do. Xp

Everything is said.


Who am I?
Someone who joined the game in beta in 2013… OKAY I WAS AFK 2 YEARS! OKAY XD
I came back into the game 2 monthes ago with only the silent fox unlocked at this moment ^^ (I have the Lion Mk.II now)


I) The classes, the subclasses, their roles and wich faction is better to start with for your playstyle.


“Ahah! Welcome to the game, mercenary!” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


1) What guidelines follows each faction?
Updated - 31/08/2015

You have to know that:
Empire :         _ The Empire is a faction that have a big firepower and hull strenght. _
Federation :    The Federation is a specialist in speed and have some medium defences in shield and hull.
Jericho :        _ The Jericho have endured many things since they were banned. They continue to endure with their shields and improved defences! _

All those factions have differents goals and background but remembers that you are a cold mercenary only looking for profit and changing faction won’t change your mind!
All factions storylines here: http://star-conflict.com/en/game/storyline

If you want to change faction later, you will be able to cross all the universe from a station to another or to pay a certain amount of credits to be teleported.


2) Classes and subclasses + simple gameplay



Updated - 16/09/2015

Which classes does exist in star conflict?

Interceptors: _ Squishy targets / fast / constant damages _
Fighters:       Medium ships / relatively fast (fast with cruise engine) / average damages
Frigates:       Huge ships / slow / low damages (in general)


First things first: what have all those classes in common?
I first though that it was like in pokemon (lel, nope) : Interceptors beats frigates / Frigates beats Fighters / Fighters beats interceptors
But its seems more like what i said above: the bigger the ship is, the slower it will be and the more Survavibility it will have.
It is right but a problem happens: the interceptors cant be touched and are broken as xxxx with this logic.

So I ask my question again better:
What does every subclass from a same class have in common with the others and is balanced?
Q: Does each class posses three same subclasses?                                               A: No. Counter-exemple: LRF (snipers) are only in frigates (okay maybe the gauss can be considered like a “sniper” but won’t do the same amount of damages and is not a subclass by itself).
Q: Does each class posses three same roles (Carries, tanks, supports…)?             A: Not really, you can change your build and it change your playstyle. Especially in higher Tiers.
Q: Does each class posses subclasses that have modules to counter the others?  A: Yes.



I will give you some simple ways to play each subclass but you can always look for more elaborated builds and tactics here.

Also, the proposed builds are samples and you should also read the part II) if you want to go further in the building.


/!\ Remember one thing in soloQ (Solo queue in pvp or pve): YOU ARE ALONE. Don’t count on your mates to do their job and even more to do yours. Try to be the strongest possible. Make the good focuses and take objectives whatever your ship is. BUT! Don’t act as a lone wolf or you will surely die… You can check my signature under the post.


Some informations:

Tier 1 = Rank 1 -> Rank 3 / T2 = R4 -> R6 / T3 = R7 - > R9 / T4 = R10 -> R12 / T5 = R13 -> R15

T1 has a restriction to protect newbies, it can’t be accessed anymore after you have bought a ship T2, so you will be matched with T2.


1) Interceptors, those little ships…

Updated - 07/09/2015

a) Interceptor: Recon
* Special module:              Warp your ship in the direction that your ship is facing. Can be stopped mid-flight by going up or down.
* Special aptitude:             Capture objectives (beacons/bombs) faster. +15% crit chance. Sensor range increased by 50%.
* Simple way to be played: Like a support focusing on taking objectives and not to die. It’s also the ship “to see and not be seen” (scout)
* Priority targets:               Attack or defend objectives.
* Counters:                       Avoid Tacklers/ECM/Guards.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:



  • Engine: [Collision compensator] As a Recon, you need maneuverability and the reduced damages from collisions are nice for the beginner that you probably are.
  • Capacitor: [Emergency barrier] MUST HAVE.
  • Hull: [Reinforced beams] There is not really any better option at this level.
  • CPU: [Enhanced scanner] As a recon, you really need that sensor range to be a real scout. 2% more crit chance is a bonus.
  • Main weapon: Take what you prefer
  • Ammunition: Whatever you want.
  • Missile slot: [Mine] …OP…MUST HAVE.
  • Active module 1: [spy drones Container] Lock your target and don’t let it escape you or your mates.
  • Active module 2: [Phase Modulator] Surprise attacks or unlock targetting on your ship.
  • Active module 3: [Hull repair kit S] You will need it to survive longer in matches.


picture comming soon

  • description


b) Interceptor: Covert-Ops (C-Ops)
* Special module:              Like a poison, apply a DOT (damage on time) to your locked target.
* Special aptitude:             +15% crit chance.
* Simple way to be played: Assassin “hit and run” style.
* Priority targets:               Anyone.
* Counters:                       Avoid Tacklers/ECM/Guards.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description


picture comming soon

  • description


a) Interceptor: ECM
* Special module:              Set your ship immortal for some time and stun all enemies around at the end.
* Special aptitude:             +10% to hull and shield volume.
* Simple way to be played: Disruptor, messing around. (be as annoying as possible)
* Priority targets:               Tacklers first.
* Counters:                       A good anti-cc build. Other ECMs and Guards.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description


picture comming soon

  • description


2) Fighters: those medium ships…

Updated - 16/09/2015

a) Fighter: Gunship
* Special module:              Set you ship in Overdrive mode wich allows you to be better than anyone in offensives and maneuverability stats for a short amount of time.
* Special aptitude:             -10pts resistance for all. +5% damages.
* Simple way to be played: Full damages for short all-ins with your special module.
* Priority targets:               Almost all ships.
* Counters:                       Weak if caught without his special module in a bad position.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:



  • Engine: [Vernier Engines] Gunship = dogfight.
  • Capacitor: [Pulse discharger] You need that extra power to kill your targets.
  • Hull: [Reinforced beams] There is not really any better option at this level.
  • CPU: [Electronic guidance] More precision = more hits = speed-up kills.
  • Main weapon: [Assault railgun] The highest DPS of all the weapons and synergise well with the special module.
  • Ammunition: [explosive shells] Classic shells are all you need.
  • Missile slot: [Missile standard] Take what you prefer.
  • Active module 1: [Aiming overcharge] for more dps. Can be replaced by a [hull repair kit M].
  • Active module 2: [Engine overcharge] Combined with the special module, you can almost reach the highest speed of the game wich is 700m/sec. Gap closer or escape.
  • Active module 3: [Combat reboot] Break any CC. MUST HAVE.

T3/ With crew: 50% critical chances, 80% critical damages bonus


  • Engine: [Vernier Engines] for doghfighting.
  • Capacitor 1: [Pulse Discharger] Moar damages
  • Capacitor 2: [iridium Heatsink] for pewpewpew
  • Shield: [EM-Diffuser] for some survavibility
  • Hull 1: [Reinforced beams] for some survavibility but can be replaced by [Thermal insulator] if you don’t feel it. Personnaly, I use [improved Missiles Pylons] for moar rockets :3
  • Hull 2: [Reactive Armor] for some survavibility.
  • CPU: [infrared scanner] to reach the 50% critical chances.
  • Main weapon: [Assault railgun] The highest DPS of all the weapons and have already a hight critical chances.
  • Ammunition: [shaped Charge Shells] to reach the 50% critical chances.
  • Missile slot: [Firestorm Missiles] Take what you prefer but if you need damages, it is this one that will help you if you have the skill.
  • Active module 1: [Aiming Overcharge] You will need this to reach 97,2% critical chances for an assault.
  • Active module 2: [Engine overcharge] Combined with the special module, you can almost reach the highest speed of the game wich is 700m/sec. Gap closer or escape.
  • Active module 3: [Combat reboot] Break any CC. MUST HAVE.
  • Active module 4: [Repair Kit M] You will need to repair this hull if your ship is from the Empire :wink: Personnaly, I prefer using the [Nanocomposite Coating]


b) Fighter: Tackler
* Special module:              Become invisible for 18sec and gain a damage buff when coming out of it for 5sec.
* Special aptitude:             afterburners consumes 20% less energy.
* Simple way to be played: Offensive support.
* Priority targets:               Interceptors.
* Counters:                       ECMs, other Tacklers. This ship have weak defences.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:



  • Engine: [Vernier Engines] Low levels with Tackler = doghfight.
  • Capacitor: [Emergency barrier] Nothing really more interesting than this.
  • Shield: [Asynchronous shield projector] You have the choice between this and the [Auxiliary shield projector] but in the end, I prefer the Async.
  • CPU: [“Proton wall” system] Reduce CC. Cool stuff in any level.
  • Main weapon: [ion emitter] Being support and dps at the same time, cool.
  • Ammunition: [xenon lamp] Basic lamp is all you need.
  • Missile slot: [slowing field missile] Can be used to take down shields and to slow in a huge zone. You can use them unguided to assist your team at a precise point.
  • Active module 1: [target painter] MUST HAVE.
  • Active module 2: [Engine suppressor] huge slow but have a cd. You can go for the [inhibitor beam] if you prefer.
  • Active module 3: [sentry drone] I took it for more damages. You can swap to a [hull repair kit M] or an [inhibitor beam].


picture comming soon

  • description


c) Fighter: Command
* Special module:              Create a shield that drain your energy instead of your main shield when under attack. Disapear after time or after being to 0.
* Special aptitude:             +15% energy regen speed.
* Simple way to be played: Smart instant-pushes in team and general protection of your mates. (be the team commander)
* Priority targets:               Protect your allies.
* Counters:                       LRFs/ECM. Big focus from the enemy team can happen often.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description

T3/ Oriented EM damages and supporting


  • Engine: [Vernier Engines] to keep trace of your enemies and allies.
  • Capacitor 1:
  • Capacitor 2:
  • Capacitor 3:
  • Shield: [EM-Diffuser] for survavibility.
  • Shield 2:
  • CPU:
  • Main weapon: [] You don’t have it? too bad :3. My best choices are [] and []
  • Ammunition: [supernova] for more damages or [] if you cannot touch your target.
  • Missile slot:
  • Active module 4: []


3) Frigates: those BIG ships…

Updated - 07/09/2015

a) Frigate: Long Range Frigate (LRF)
* Special module:              Sniper. nothing less, nothing more.
* Special aptitude:             -20% shield and hull volume. +2 turrets (+50% damages)
* Simple way to be played: Stay away from the battlefield and take kills with your special module if you are good (sniper) or act as a gunboat in second line thanks to your two additional turrets.
* Priority targets:               Anyone.
* Counters:                       Avoid being spotted, or you will surely die.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description


picture comming soon

  • description


b) Frigate: Engineer
* Special module:              Drones are spawned automatically every 20 sec. You can have 2 max. If your shield is above half: deals damages to near enemies. If the shield is under half: repair shield. activating the module destroy one drone and instant-regen your shield for a certain amount of shield.
* Special aptitude:             +10% speed
* Simple way to be played: Medic/Healer.
* Priority targets:               Protect your allies.
* Counters:                       Interceptors and LRFs.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description


picture comming soon

  • description


c) Frigate: Guards
* Special module:              A shield that can be changed to the type of damage you want (Thermal/Kinetic/EM). Gives you 25% more damage when you block the correct type of damage.
* Special aptitude:             Strong hull and shield. -5% speed. 
* Simple way to be played: Tank. (tank huehuehue…)
* Priority targets:               WHATEVER IS SHOOTING AT YOU! OH YEAH.
* Counters:                       Mixed damages.

* Basic builds for this gameplay T2 and T3:


picture comming soon

  • description


picture comming soon

  • description


II) Some things to take in consideration and why I should build a ship differently from another

“A player must decide how they want to build on these unique features. Does the player want a Balanced build (all stats generally improved), an Exception build (focusing on stats other than the ship bonuses since they are already boosted), or a Cranked build (boosting the unique stats even further to maximize them)?” - [@SoldiersFortune](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/240330-soldiersfortune/)


Updated - 16/09/2015


You can build your ship like you want, it will be your choice to fly a tackler as a full-support or an assassin if you think you fulfill your job better.
At the begining, devs had some ideas to create ships but players tends to play like they want and it is not bad.



1) Synergy bonuses

Look at your ship description by passing your mouse over its picture in-game and you will see special-ship specifications under the stats.

2) Slot Layout

(Engines, Capacitors, etc.) change from a ship to another. Your build will vary from a ship to another.

3) There is some special ship-designed weapons, active modules, missiles and ship modifiers.

Example: Gravi-beamer for Tacklers or Ion-beam warhead missiles for Commands. Of course, you are not forced to use them.

4) Second subclass for each class in each faction

You can also be confused by the second subclass in each class all faction have (like the guards from Federation). You can choose to go for them for:

  • different build and different weapons usage, you can see that the special-ship stats and specifications are not the same than the “normals” and that the faction owning the ship gives not the same bonuses (see part I, 1) ).

  • having more ship of the same subclass in the same match

  • some special modules change completly (LRF from Jericho send a guided missile and LRF from Empire throw a thermal rail)


5) Your crew

Star conflict is a MMO. And who say mmo say skill tree. Each new rank acquired unlock a new crew point. The crew apply only the points from the rank of the ship and under. For example: the Hyena R9 will use all crew point until the rank nine even if i unlocked all the crew points until R15.

Each rank gives you three choices. Empire (line 1), Federation (line 2) and Jericho (line 3). You have to choose one each time you unlock your first ship of the next rank whatever the faction you are docking at and whatever faction the ship is owned by.

If you think you made a mistake, you can change 1 implant (crew point) for 50 000 credits or restart from 0 for 500 000 credits (Rank 15 values, if someone have the R5, can you give me them in the comments? thanks).
You will unlock new crews later, then you will be able to make a special crew for guards and another for ECMs for example (only an example!).


III) Basic resistances

“Basic resistances and damages reduction.” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 30/08/2015

*Basically, the hull is weak versus kinetic damages, the shield is weak versus EM damages and the thermal damages does approximately the  same amount of damages to both.
Care about builds that go for EM defense in shield and Kinetic defense in hull.

*If you want to break your head on maths: this post by [@xKostyan](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/236074-xkostyan/) (This guy can be usefull sometimes when he don’t make useless comments :p) made in 1.0.1
Important points:
Point 2) Damage reduction (if your damages are amplified or weakened):
 > 0 : decreasing / example: 400  = -80% damages
 = 0 : nothing happens
 < 0 : equal / example: -200 = +200% damages
Point 4) Resistance linearity of hull and shield:
Quote: "Every additional point of resistance gives the same benefit as the point before.
In other words, going from 50 to 60 resistance has the same benefit as going from 200 to 210 resistance. Not only there is no functional resistance cap, there is not even an upper bound where resistance becomes less effective."
Quote 2: "Conclusion:

  • There are no benefits of going pure HP pool tank
  • The benefits of Resistance are completely linear and there is no upper bounds for armor
  • High Resistance / Low HP makes better use of health regeneration modules and effects
  • In order to maximize EHP you have to balance HP pool and resistances and take into account incoming and self regeneration effects, incoming dmg types by tier, class, and role. (for good or for the worse, there are not many places to fiddle with HP pool/resistances, so at the end majority of the builds are fairly similar)
  • Tacklers are awesome"


IV) Basic settings

“If you want to play with optimal settings, then follow this for the moment.” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 01/09/2015

The map should be set to the spherical radar.
Free view to an easy to get button.
Don’t ever fight with the expert mode.
The ship information set to full (you can hide the ship name or rank when you will get more experience).


Of course, all of those are personnal settings and can be changed if you don’t like…but take your time to study it.


V) How to queue?

“I want to play now!” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 16/09/2015

Your ship loadout is ready? Good! Now it is time for going to battle! Press the big orange button with “launch” written on it:


1) PVP (Players Versus Players)

Matchmaking automatic with random people for PVP matches in different gamemodes.
More informations about the gamemodes in the part VI.

Matches are made by Tiers, though you can bring a ship of the highest rank of the just under Tier if you have ships of the corresponding Tier (example: I have ships T4 and a hyena T3 R9 loaded, my hyena will be flyable even if it is T4 cause it is the highest T3 rank possible).


2) PVE (Player Versus Environment)
Matchmaking automatic with random people for PVE matches against IA ships in different maps.

Ranks: 1-3 / 4-9 / 10-15


3) Custom (the little blue button under PVP)
A classic custom battle where you can invite friends. No rewards.

4) Scenario
All PVE matches. No “first victory” reward.


5) Sector conquest

Join a dreadnought battle as a free agent for a corporation. Battles are by Tiers from T3 to T5, it depends of the zone.


6) Tournament
Each week, players who reached rank 7 min can participate in a tournament and there is GS to win.

7) Special ops
The hardest mission in Star Conflict.

Reserved to a group of players that have reach the rank 7 min for the Destroyer and 10 min for the Defiler.

Change every thursday.

8) Map/undock
The map of the universe, not something really hard to understand.
The universe is divided in 3 parts: Federation on the top-right corner, Jericho on the bottom and Empire on the top-left corner.

When you undock with your ship, you will spawn at the base you are docking at: Station “New Eden”, Station “Mendes-IX” or Station “Guardian-17”
You will have access diferent zones following your ship rank.


VI) In-game talking: wich team composition and ships are better for this gamemode? How to use modules? Where should I go?


“Mmmm… Let’s talk about tactic…” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


1) Wich ship should I choose for this game?
Updated - 03/09/2015

Check the existing gamemodes here:



You can also see them while queing, they are displayed on  the bottom of the blue pop-up.


Think about those points:


1) In any case:

  • Look your mates: what did they pick? (Don’t take too much commands for example!)


2) PVP

  • map with big empty zones or map with asteroids and/or cover places?

  • gamemode: does I need to focus on kills or objectives? Am I captain?


3) PVE

  • maps objectives: capture, destroy…?

  • adds ships (waves): fasts, slow? big or low damages?

  • bosses: range? warning messages on the center of my screen?


4) Dreadnought battles (corporation battles)

  • Learn the meta-game from the veterans.

  • Ask your mates.

  • check the forum for more details about weak spots on them.

  • look for videos


2) How to use perfectly my modules?
Updated - 02/09/2015

Here is a “little” list called “the blue list” by myself. I found my inspiration from one of my previous posts and modified it.
This list explain the general role of each module. Remember that following the current situation you are facing, it can change and be adapted.

Be creative!



Legend for modules:
damages    = improve damages
support     =  Help the team mates or yourself with utilitary
Cap           =  Focus the enemy priority target
escape      =  Escape



Heal - hull

Heal - shield

Protection - hull

Protection - shield


ECM: Tank~support special module / support modules
Recon: Cap.~escape special module / self-protection, support modules
C-Ops: Damages special module / damages~support~escape modules
Command: Tank Special module / support modules
Tackler: Damages~escape~Cap special module / support modules
Gunship: Damages~escape special module / damages + support modules
Long Range: Damages~Cap special module / self-protection~escape modules
Guard: Tank special module / support modules
Engineers: Support special module / support modules


-The module " Aiming overcharge" from the " Gunship" in " Fighters" is affiliated to " damages" because it improve your damages. It does not have another purpose.
-The special module " Chameleon" from the " Tackler" in " Fighters" is affiliated to " damages" because it gives you more damages. It is also affiliated to " escape" because you can use it to flee from a bad situation. It is also affiliated to " Cap" because you can sneak to an enemy priority target.


3) Where should I be?
Updated - 31/08/2015

- [Positionning](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25977-positioning/)


VII) Levelling

“Level-up and money!” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 28/08/2015

- [Synergy gain](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20808-synergy-how-to-rank-up-on-the-synergy-system/)
- [Economy](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22885-economy-tips-on-game-economy-and-progression/) (note that the  Artifacts have been replaced by the  Iridium and that the 3 first answers in this topic are interesting)


VIII) Common mistakes (and I did a lot :p)

“Oh no… tell me you didn’t…?” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 29/08/2015

*This game…is NOT a pay to win. It is a P2fast.
*Don’t think you are unkillable when you activate your ECM special module, a missile sent at the right time, and you will eat it.
*Don’t think that the federation own all supports or that the empire own all the carries… that is wrong :slight_smile:
*Auras don’t stack. You can try to cumul 2 commands, it won’t work :smiley:
*This comment is good:

Reflect to Tillo, one of the biggest mistake what a newbie can do is the TierRush.
The other one is:
“I’m leveling this ship so I just bring one with me and I’ll fly it no matter what.”
IMO TierRush is acceptable until R9, since T3 is the last Tier where is no Realistic battle.
Realistic battle = you can use each ship only once.
If you are the idiot who brings less ship than 4 or at least 3 ships in T4-5, then brace yourself since you’ll get multiple rage and hate private and public messages.
If you like to rush, do it at least with 1 ship/ fraction to unlock the contracts, otherwise you’ll never have blue items or higher.


IX) Going further…


“We can’t separate like that!?” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Updated - 02/09/2015

1) Your profile in star conflict

*fleet strenght: each ship level max with synergy will give you 1% in fleet strenght. each % of this gives you 1% more synergy per battle.

*achievements: Achievements and rewards.

*icon and taunt: To buy them, you need GS.


2) I want to play with friends

*create, join or leave a group: Right clic on your friend in the friend list or in the chat and invite him to group. To leave a group, you right clic on your name in the window and you leave the group.

*create, join or leave a corporation (guild): Next to your profile in the botom-right corner of your hangar. To leave a corporation, you open the corporation window, you right clic on your name and you leave the corporation.


3) Contracts

Contracts are made to gain “vouchers”, a special money made to upgrade objects from MK.II (green) to Mk.III (blue)

The more rank you have with a faction, the more contracts you will have simultaneously.

Not recommended for newbies but it is better to let you know :stuck_out_tongue:


X) Conclusion and extras


“Snif…now we have to…” - [@xerrio](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/256008-xerrio/)


Alright! Thanks to the help of some people in the forums, we have made this tutorial a lot easier to read and I am really happy about it.
If you enjoyed reading it and learned a thing or two, feel free to up-vote it and to put a comment below.
If you found mistakes and wrong stuff, feel free to message me or to leave a comment.

In any case, you can do a little “/w xerrio You are sexy” in-game :stuck_out_tongue:

Your succes depend on you now.
Good luck and try to be the best.

PS: Care about the date of the comments, there have been a lot of changes along the writting.



Some videos made after my tutorial was released:


StarConflict English Lesson 01 by Star conflict official



Special thanks to:

All linked topic creators

Comming soon:
Someone planned to do videos, I will link them later.

 part I2) basic builds easy to use comming soon

please, don’t show this to new players

I warn every pilots here: xKostyan has a bad reputation on forums and always  sometimes makes useless or bad comments.

1) Empire : those carries!

The Empire is a faction that was meant to be played with more damages than protections.


a) Interceptor: Covert-Ops (C-Ops)


* Special module:              Like a poison, apply a DOT (damage on time) to your locked target.

* Simple way to be played: Assassin


So you want to help beginners, explain stuff to them and yet you don’t even know which classes belong to one of the factions.


I warn every pilots here: xKostyan has a bad reputation on forums and always make useless or bad comments.



I warn every pilot here: xerrio has a bad reputation on forums and always makes useless wall of texts or don’t bother to check facts.

This is just a fail, Empire owns Recons and not C-ops.

I edited my other post to ask devs why the recons and c-ops belongs to federation and empire.



Those two persons are, like you can see, arrogant and are in the same corporation :slight_smile:

If you really need to prove it, check the profile of xKostyan and see his “constuctive” answers to all posts he participate in the section “Reputation” on the left.

Another thing less important could be to check their Karma in-game to understand the kind of people they are? \o/

Just check what you write next time. Speaking of time, take the time to check your information.

It was a miss-ctrl-v

Thanks for your comment

w/e reputation I have, at least I triple check my facts, especially if they are aimed to newer players, so I do not lead them into wrong direction of false understanding of a game. On a contrary you have no idea what you are talking about and yet trying to teach others your ways.

This post is still a draft. I warned everyone in red at the begining.



Where’s the downvote button so it’s even more obvious how terrible this “help” is?

Constructive comments are appreciated

How about spending more than 5 minutes on your “guide” and making it look like a slow 8 year old typed it?

What do you mean? Be more clear.


Edit: As you could have read in red on the top of the OP, this is still a draft.

Even if it is still a draft, there is much wrong with this that I have no idea where to start!

Each faction also has sub-roles, or did you forget that? And there are many play-styles for each type of ship! You oversimplify it too much!

And also there is a tutorial in-game.

I am aware of the sub-role you are talking about. For me, they are without any sense, I don’t understand them. The game is not clear.

Why would I fly a R14 when i can fly a R15 ship? Crew points and stats lost.

R15 unlocked by playing R13? Then go further and rank up. Your R13 was a bridge and nothing more.

I wanted to talk about them later when I would have get the answer.


The in-game tutorial don’t explain how to use your sub-class, it explain how to use your keyboard.

And the Help section is not clear enought.


ALSO! Let me quote myself: _"_There is a lot of ways to play your ships but those are the most logical ones for me."

And the part 2 is comming.


You are borring. You think you are above me and you don’t even teach me what is wrong :slight_smile:

ALSO! Let me quote myself: _"_There is a lot of ways to play your ships but those are the most logical ones for me."

I am aware of the sub-role you are talking about. For me, they are without any sense, I don’t understand them. The game is not clear.



Then why are you trying to explain stuff to newbies you don’t understand?

Because nobody do it?

This topic can become a community creation. Everyone can tells me what to add in.

yeah just saying, isn’t a good idea to write an instruction for a game when u have under 1k battles. probz 3k is when u have experience.