How can we, the community, help in recruiting/keeping new players?



I am starting to notice a general rise in the player base, though it is slight. So I am wondering how we the community can help recruit new players and keep players interested in the game.  I truly believe that if we put in a strong effort, we can help explode this game into its potential.  There is the Subreddit which is fairly inactive. So I recommend going there and helping support it.


But we should think of other ways. I personally think it’d be great if we can contact our friends on steam and tell them about it.  Many players do not think of F2P games as being worthwhile, but most who play this game would agree that it is, because it is balanced for non-premium players (for the most part)



Make a community trailer, or several. One person takes a team and makes a trailer for a game-mode (PvP, PvE, Open World). Then we put it on youtube and put a little bit of money in to start it circulating and then re-invest any profits from the video into re-circulating it.

Here are a few other ways to get more pilots into the game:

-Tell your friends who play similar types of games about Star Conflict

-Make videos and upload them to YouTube, especially if your channel has a fairly decent amount of subs and you do a wide variety of gaming videos

-Write positive reviews on Steam, upvote other positive reviews, and downvote the negative reviews

Be nice to people in the forums and steam discussions. Give information, point them to videos and positive reviews.


There is a problem in Steam, because the shop page rate this game as “extremely positive” reviews, but if you click on the reviews, the most helpful are ALL of them negatives, and I have seen coments around in the internet about that. People check the game, check  the reviews, and even if metacritic gives it a fair 7.5 and most of the reviews are positive, they only see the negative ones and think that the game is Pay to Win and that the admins are abusive.


I would like to know why people say that, because I’ve been here for more than a year and a half now, I know all the GM (except the russian ones) and they are far from abusive or bad mannered.

Can we compile a list of people who have channels related to this game?


RennieAsh and myself to start with

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well its not so difficult. Can somebody post a link to steam and all who read this uppost a positive review, then id b done soon.

so many seem to belive they are entitled to spew forth the most inane crap without repercussion that they are completely flaberghasted if someone actually blocks their godgiven right for mental flatulence.


hehe, that made me smile

I think if they want to get more players, the ping issue needs to be fixed, so many people have complained about the ship going out of control. A lot of people won’t stay with that issue.

I think if they want to get more players, the ping issue needs to be fixed, so many people have complained about the ship going out of control. A lot of people won’t stay with that issue.

I agree. This is the biggest issue in the game by FAR. No one likes high ping. Anything over 200 is almost unplayable and takes all the fun out of the game.

And since we are talking about ping, the fact that there are no US invasion servers…just…facepalm.

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Steam rage quitters are like a downvote brigade in reddit.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26789-steam-review/)

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26789-steam-review/)


That’s a very nice, long review.

That’s a very nice, long review.


It wasn’t me btw.  But yeah, it’s a nice review!





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Now that I have some streaming/recording capability, this is something I plan to work on a bit. There are a few people I’m working with and who I may have some pull with. Eventually I will have a few montages to post, maybe a dreadnought one once those are built. :smiley:


*edit* You can now find that here:


I’ve gone through and thumbs’d up/down some reviews. I may write a more concise one of my own at some point as well.

make and like positive reviews on steam and Arc as those are the major advertising platform for the game

I wrote a quick review some time ago in my language, about how this game is enjoyable and not a pay to win but a pay to grind less. Well i just checked and i’v got 3 down vote on 5…

So i took a look at the “most useful review” of all time and you can find this. Apart the blatant useless stuffs about “pay to win” all the others issues are honestly not completely bs, and if you take a look at the numbers of upvote to the most bad review you should take a minute and think about some choices made so far.

I don’t think the game deserve more advertising if issues that gamers founds real (even if those are somehow questionable)  are not planned to be solved. It would be detrimental to get more people and show them how this game is “perceived” atm (like somehow happened at version 1.0 release).