House Harkonnen

Hello and welcome

I Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

And my nephew the na-baron Beastrabban

Welcome all Dune fans German or English

We have a long history of making peoples life hard

spanning almost a decade starting with Freelancer WTS crabtree mod

and solurus systems mod

i welcome all old RKA Romulan Klingon Alliance

and Arrakis trading Com or ORN members and any others

who love the spirit of Dune

please contact Baron Harkonnen or Beastrabban

The spice must flow…

Long live House Harkonnen

Hallo und herzlich willkommen,

Ich Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

und mein Neffe Beastrabban der Na-Baron

heißen alle Deutschen und Englischen Dune Fans Willkommen.

Wir haben eine weit zurück gehende Tradition anderen Leuten das Leben schwer zu machen.

Wir fanden unseren Ursprung vor fast einer Dekade im Freelancer WTS Mod von Crabtree

und dem Solurus System Mod.

Ich grüße alle RKA Romulan Klingon Alliance und Arrakis Trading Com

und ORN Mitglieder und alle anderen Dune Fans.

Bitte kontaktiert Baron Harkonnen oder Beastrabban.

Der Spice muss fließen…

Lang lebe House Harkonnen



by intrest please post your in game name we will contact you

bei intreses bitte posten mit dein ingame name

Honored Citizens of the Empire

I Baron Vladimir Harkonnen wish to thank all members for your efforts

As of now our corperation is Accepting new members

please by intrest inquire below and feel free to join our ts star conflict ts3

He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!

Long live House Harkonnen


Hello brave pilots.

Our new founded corporation House Harkonnen is looking for new members.

We are a german/english community and play for amusement.

Thus, we have no particular rules, execpt behave yourself and we get along.

We play mostly Tier 2 ships and at times T3 and T4.

Feel free to join us on our TS channel on the star conflict teamspeak-server.

German is our primary language but English is recommended,

because we have a some english speaking players around.

If you want to join us, post it here or visit us on TS.


Can I join you guys. I don’t have tier 2 at the moment but I have a few exp. left to unlock them.

hay hi tophe come in ts when you got time …there should be one of us there

Feel free to join us on our TS channel on the star conflict teamspeak-server.

Hallo, ich finde cool ihre nickname. Hab vor 2 Wochen die Ganze Serie angeschaut. Bin fan seit Jahren auch.

Momentan wurde ich schon gern das Spiel besser kennen.

Aber wenn es möglich wäre, würde ich auc gern mit Leute meines Gameplay verbessern.

Ich hab schon euch ingame getroffen, und sie sind nicht schlecht.

Mal sehen, bestimmt werde ich euch Kontaktieren.


ey freilicht:):):slight_smile: the more the merrier

pls kontact Beastrabban or The Baron in ts

Dear baron, i speak both English and German, and am currently in tier 1 but am very close to the next tier. i have heard of Dune and seen some trailers, never got around to seeing it tho, might just do it as i am a fan of sci fi.


kind regards.

Hello !


You HAVE TO watch/read Dune if you like sci fi.

you just must !



Arwy, i am currently in the process of watching the movie and i already like it :slight_smile:

id like to join ;D btw anny of you know anny other Dune game , i only have DUNE200 :stuck_out_tongue: but it seems not to work on my 64-bit operating system xD

hororman hi pls join us in the star conflict ts(ip above pls for a invite

Yeah ! Another soldier !

im on now :wink:

hmm i think i just missed you …iam in the harkonnen channal

ya name is??

im hororman on ts3 aswell

excalibur reports for duty

I haven’t watched Dune, only star trek. Can I still join?  :lol: my ingame name is: R0CKETEER. the o is a zero.

hay Rapidasher sorry didnt make it on last night iam studing for a big test next week …ill be on tomarow night …but please feel free to hang out in our ts and meet the others …me and beast will definaly be on tomarow to invite you