Build site or something

Has anyone thought about a site or tool that could be used for managing builds on random ships, something that could add even the active modules into the equation of any build?



Star Conflict does not expose databases for modules, effects, weapons and so on and so forth, so if one to make one he would have to manually create one and maintain it patch after patch.

Well, yeah, a lot of work there but i’m just asking if it was doable/worth doing.

I did something like that 2 years ago. But to be honest it was worthless - it basically duplicated what is already in SC. The only purpose I see it now is to make it for Secret Project/Destroyers ships. Then you will benefit on saving few million credits on refits. IMHO not worth it.

It’s not do-able.

There have been a few players working on such sites/tools (including me in early alpha/beta), but it is really a huge amount of work.

Anyone willing to try again?

Anyone willing to try again?


Less refiting of sp ships, better build planing, idk.

By the time one get to the SP ships and actually care about all these differences, he can or should be able to imagine quite a few variants and end results. Plus there is a forum.

In any case ofcourse that be cool to have something like that, but with current realities it is like developing a limited copy of star conflict. And “Not worth it” is a compliment in this case.

If SC had public APIs with different things, we would have had plenty of things by now ((

Then how about this, some kind of an advisor, in game, bought with gs that serves the same point?

Then how about this, some kind of an advisor, in game, bought with gs that serves the same point?

yeah its called “very useful” mentor :wink:

Would that be a better idea then? 

What idea?

The idea of making some kind of a build calculator ingame for modules you have and dont have just to spare yourself unnecessary spending and refitting stuff.

Imho, in Star Conflict math behind builds is extremely simple, it all comes down how you execute the build, so for something simple as this making ingame tools, interfaces and mechanics is a luxury beyond luxury and i would rather have devs work on something meaningful instead than waste their time.

Yeah, you’re right. On second thought, I kinda went overboard with the whole thing. 

wouldnt say overboard, i find it was a legit question, that wasnt asked for a while


there was once an - i think ods sheet - export of all stats on some filesharing thing, and i also built my database out of them for eventual use, but the automated export never came.

I would be fine with an excel sheet that could calculate stats, although its a bit too far for just me alone to make.

To do all of this would be really great. But it’s also needed to be updated in time. I also think that it’s insane amount of job for one pilot.