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First of all, I’m not sure if here is the forum section where I should post this. Anyway, don’t worry, it’s about Social, so I think it’s OK.


The idea is simple and funny. Did you notice that the hangar where you park your ships have more parking rooms in front of you? The idea is just add the possibility to share with a friend the view of your actual selected ships. In your hangar view, you will see your friends ships in the other side; and your friend would be able to see your ships in his other side view.


It’s nothing important, it just something that could be funny for some people and their friends. 

It would be kind of fun to see other people’s ships randomly rock up into the hangar. It would also give more value to the custom colours. Imagine the following scenario…


Let’s say that you [Thunderbee] and I [JasanQuinn] took part in a match together. Not in a squad or anything, we just happened to be on the same side. After the match you notice that the ship I was using is parked in one of the slots opposite, along with the most used ship of three other players. You then get to nip over and have a look, and can admire the shiny paint schemes, or possibly even obtain additional stats (similar to what you get if you mouse over one of your ships in the ship tree). Indeed, the system could go so far as to allow you to check the loadout of the ship!


Taking that example, let’s say that in this hypothetical battle we both flew Engineers, but you noticed that you seemed to die a lot whereas my Engineer was apparently cross-bred with a T5 Engineer. You could see what modules are equipped and then use that information to inform future purchases.

I’d love to walk around the hangar in third person mode… but that’s just me

I agree with everything posted here so far. I would like and dislike at the same time an option to “spy” on other ships to see how they’re fitted. 


Third person mode just to admire the ships would be awesome tho.




+1 to the OP, it would be ofc very low priority addition to the game, but we should be able to have something like this! waiting queues are boring!  :lol:

I’d love to walk around the hangar in third person mode… but that’s just me



To the OP, this would be very handy for corp members, but also to non-corp players.  Being able to see successful builds without having to take a screenshot would be nice.  If you could walk around the hanger and see the ships for how big they really are…



I know this is seriously unlikely to happen… but just imagine how cool it would be if Dreadnoughts had a hanger. Now, here are my three visions:


1) The Likely.

Set the Dreadnought as your Hanger and it gets decked out in a style the CO chooses, plus Corp logos splashed about and some of your fellow Corpmate’s ships dotted about.


2) The Unlikely.

Split the Dreadnought up into sub-hangers. Each sub-hanger contains the roster of a group of pilots. Players can scroll between sub-hangers and see what formations people are using, as well as getting visual clues as to status. Offline players have their ships “powered down”. Active players have their ships lit up with crew, fuellers and ammo loaders milling about. Players on mission get the “Engaged - [mode name]” message over their ships.


3) Flat out wishing.

The inside of the Dreadnought is a freaking monster. Every pilot has a personal hanger (only they can access it) with all their ships on display. The main hanger has your active roster, and the active rosters of the Corp. When people launch into games, those ships take off and fly out of the Dreadnought, then fly back in after a match. This would produce an awesome visual shorthand for the activity of the Corp (for sanity’s sake, the other Corp members would likely just have one ship in the main bay, reducing the number of slots required to 153, as opposed to 600). Ships could be cycled in and out for other reasons - offline players might have their ships moved to a sub-hanger out of the main bay, or ships are lowered into basements / retracted into storage and then replaced by new ships as your fellow players change their roster.



As the above suggests, I’m really fond of the idea of a “living” Hanger. I think it would be awesome to have a lot more going on.


As a bit of an aside, here are some other ideas that might make the hanger space feel more alive and immersing:

  • Damaged ships being repaired in the background.
  • Loaders, fuellers, engineers, flight attendants and general ground crew who perform actual work on ships.
  • Salvage being towed into the hanger.
  • INN news crews gathering to greet ships as they arrive.
  • INN news crews around YOUR ships if certain conditions are met (say, 10% chance of it happening if you won your last battle).

+1. I guess the reason for supporting this is obvious enough.



I’d love to walk around the hangar in third person mode… but that’s just me


And join in the dancing during Christmas. 

I’d love to walk around the hangar in third person mode… but that’s just me

Last time a gaming community asked for this, the Jita Riots happened…