You know what would be cool? Free-for-All Deathmatch.

I don’t know if I could say it more plainly, honestly.

Sure, as a separate PvP option and definitely not as part of the auto-select battles.  And make it realistic (one death per craft).  This way all the hyper-aggressive team-killing monkeys have somewhere to play away from the rest of us.

Forgot to add a poll. Sorry to bump!

yeah feel free, but you wont catch me in that mode

only realistic mode than :stuck_out_tongue: in arcade it would be kinda stupid? 

good old team free tournament. I miss the old unreal tournament game-play.

This game main aspect is teamplay, with different “classes”, different “skills”. It’s not like UT or Quake where every player have the same character with the same weapons.

Maybe if it would be optional. ( I would not play it that’s for sure )

Team Deathmatch would be good , FFA is a problem i think couse of the imbalance of some ship classes ( like for example interceptors would become THE killstealer)


Both would probably need a different reward system than the usual arcade becouse you’re gonna die alot more times, on that note i hope they add some minor rewards for all the ribbons you get during missions

A suggestion for the Poll answers is to add (under the ‘Do you agree?’) an option for Don’t Care/No strong feeling either way…


Simply because I am agree with neither of the current options and truly don’t care if it is added (or rather the only part I care about is covered in the second question)

i am all for this idea why not

A free for all deathmatch sounds pretty lame in this type of game.  Generally it would involve trying to steal as many kills as possible with no strategy whatsoever.  I don’t even like the idea of team deathmatch but it would be better than free for all deathmatch.  I’d prefer to see more objective based game modes, and definitely wouldn’t want deathmatch added to the random selection of pvp missions.

Oh god. I can see it now. 


12 frigates, all healers = UNSTOPPABLE.

if realistic is a good idea and why not put a team death match for small team? the only thing is to long the que if separate of arcade.

would like to see this one coming and take a break from the damn b(e)acon hunt, but probably not in arcade roll (preformed squads? anyone?) - why not more combat recon instead of double beacon type missions? plssss :frowning:


can’t wait to spam death at / with you 1 v 1 v ‘the world’ puny :slight_smile:

It could lead to some interesting things.

A free for all option outside of the normal rotation of team modes would be fun. Could also be opened up as a way for corps to have internal free for all’s as well. From other games ive played that’s always been a hit among corps/guilds etc.  

I’d rather see a team deathmatch

The only problem I see is if you are in a Squad, and you are looking for co-op, and get stuck in a Free-For-All instead… I think it’s a good idea, but perhaps add a separate category for it… 

Squads should never be placed into game modes which are meant to be free-for-all. You would see players cluster and work together, thereby skewing the results and making the whole point of free-for-all a moot one.

oh, a FREE for all is a great idea, just double everyones sheilds and hull points and let them go at it!