Yellow module rework

Hi ! 

In short : 3K gs (for t3, even more for t5) to get only 3% synergy bonus, it’s not worth the money since this bonus is really ship specific. Especially since vouchers aren’t that hard to get. 

Here is the idea :

Change the 3% synergy bonus in 3% free  synergy bonus. 




Better gather the GS for a premium and farm free syn in high-ranking PvEs,I dont see a use in upgrading those as I dont need syn anymore!

Among with it, we already have a lot of synergy boosters in the game, even on Wednesdays from now ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)  And synergy transfer rate discounts still happens almost every weekend)

Well, it’s not because we lack ways to get synergy. It’s because this specific synergy bonus cost too much for what it is. 

The bonus is so small that it’s nearly invisible, so not worth buying. 


I’m just saying that a buff to this bonus should help sell more of these.

I find there are 3 problems in total:

  1. They cost to much.
  2. They can only applied afaik to green modules.
  3. You can’t create mk. 5 modules out of it(you can, but you lose your bonus).

It’s not that we’re asking for more ways to get synergy – we’ve got plenty as is, and it’s really nice. What we’re asking for is more of a balanced economy, like making gold modules actually worth it to buy.