Yeah, about frigates..

I love frigates, so I want to make them better. So lets see what we can do to these special modules of theirs? Based off the current function, damage, and action of these special modules.


  • Slow projectile speed at low levels, improving speeds at higher tier.

  • Change damage type from thermal to kinetic.

Jerico Torpedo

  • Increase cooldown, cooldown time reduiced at higher tier.

  • Increase missile velocity speed over time.

  • Change damage type from thermal to EM.


  • Passive activation, spawns 1 drone every #'s seconds up to cap, the amount of time is lowered at higher tier.

  • Active activation, toggles drones to combat stance or defensive stance.

  • When at drone cap, immune to 1 missile. When hit by missile all 2 drones are destroyed resulting in no damage to the ship, passive then reactivates.

Just to be blunt, I could put in more info into this but I do not wish to give you guys a wall of text. I can explain my reasons if wished to be heard and I think that this is all that needs to be done to these abilities to make them more balanced out and effective. I really want to know though is, what you guys think of these ideas? Think they could work?


  • Projectile speed is sufficiently slow/fast already. All it takes is some aiming. Any faster/slower and it would either be too hard or too easy to hit.

  • Thermal is a good damage type because it makes a middle in damage output on both shields and hull in unmodified ships.


Jerico Tropedo

  • already plenty of cooldown at all tiers, no need to reduce or increase it over time.

  • increase missile velocity speed over time. Would beat the point of skills increasing missile velocity/turning rate or raid jericho torpedos, no, even tho my heart bleads every time I have to use a tech or normal torpedo, speed is fine as it is.

  • why make a torpedo only effective against shields and reducing effectiveness against hull? The DPS of Torpedoes is low enough already



  • Makes it too hard to recover drones if they got blasted away by a missile or mine

  • Don’t really know what exactly you mean by combat stance or defensive stance. If defensive stance is a repair sort of thing, would beat the point of Legion Drones.

  • Armada drones can already shoot down missiles every 50 sec. Where did you get the number of 3 drones? It’s 2. It makes no sense for the drones to explode but the ship taking no damage.


All in all I think your ideas without any further explanation are incomprehensible to me. Might just be my stupidity tho. Generally never spare people from a wall of text if you make a suggestion on improvement, reasons need to be explained or else your idea has no value to it. As such please add an explanation and I will re evaluate your ideas.

The designator At low levels I find it easy to hit things with it, the speed of the projectile is fast for the range. I only believe that it should be slowed a tiny bit, extreme alterations would be too much and make the weapon useless. Think of having to lead the target by a small bit.

The idea of the weapon damage is not because of overall damage, but to put the weapon more on the lines of a ‘finisher’, I suppose that could be a decent term to use. But anyway the idea was it was to do less damage to shields but more to hulls. Taking out weaken ships if the opportunity arises from a distance.

The torpedo is something that I thought was tricky, I was thinking of it to be useful the way it is without doing much harm to your team and to support. The velocity over time increase is to limit its extreme range capability, though that does not mean the torpedo wont keep flying, its just harder to turn.

I am unsure by the rate of fire but in tech 1 and 2 the things are spammed quite a bit. Much so that it acts more like a primary weapon. But I only meant for this to be at low levels.

The choice of EM damage is mainly from the reaction of its AoE effect, its not the way how it can kill but the way it can help. It would work as an initiation tool, because the damage is mainly used against shields, remove shields so your team tares apart the hull. That is what a support craft does, support. It does not kill everything as accidental friendly fire would point out, won’t be as harmful as if it were with just EM damage, though the damage of the blast is still high, and it is the blast which has this AoE that works quite well against objectives and groups of enemies. Soften up the target.

Drones were an idea to boost the survivability of the vessels compared to their other faction counterparts. Normally I’d think that auto spawn would just work well with them, and yeah I’m tired, I meant to put 2 drones. I’m not as specific with the time of the spawn but usually I’m sure a player would figure out how to avoid combat to replenish drones as they would with shields.

Stance would be more like giving them a command, instead of spawning them you command them to perform a defensive role or an aggressive one.

The last one was just an idea really, it was behind the concept of survivability, making the drones act like a barrier to ward off a single missile after a certain amount of time passed. Sort of like an automatic flare but you give up your drones and have to wait for them to respawn once more. Its sort of like a 3rd barrier to improve the defensive rating of the vessel with the ability.

Its hard for me to think as much because of the time, I did not wish to give a wall of text because they were just little ideas I had, I hope this further explains what I was thinking of them but If they are bad ones then just don’t bother, I find it hard to post any sort of suggestion here.

Generally don’t worry, there are no “bad” suggestions (only foolish ones, insufficiently thought out ones, horrible ones etc xD). No really tho I get where your coming from with some of this.


Disintegrator (not Designator mind you)

Well I have to admit I didn’t use empire frigates a lot on t1 and when I started using them on t2 I was using my t2 ships while flying with t3 squads. From my experience you already have to lead a target, especially if your actually in a range of 4-8000m which should be around the range you would be as a frigate. While I agree that they are useful as finishers, making it pure kinetic damage would effectively overpower them, dealing massive amount of hull damage up to a point where they could take down an interceptor without shields in 1 hit. As such I prefer the current thermal damage to make them more balanced.



in all honesty a velocity increase wouldn’t make it harder to aim rockets, imo it would even make it easier + they’d be more spammable. As for harm to team, well yeah there are players who can’t tell the difference between ally and foe. As for spam in t1 and t2, I agree that they are used quite often, tho with the torpedo nerf regarding flares it’s already much easier to evade them, + on t2 you can loot a green “missile defence system” which shoots down missiles. The disadvantage of torpedoes is the following: a) very slow rate of fire, since you can not put your torpedoes on auto and have to guide them to the very end. Additionaly with support skills for hull and shield repair you will see people healing up faster then they get shot down. As for EM dmg, I agree that torpedoes are very good for initiating and decreasing shields but on the other hand they are also good for damaging groups of enemies already in a teamfight as long as you keep your allies positions in mind. EM does too little dmg on the hull to be useful here, while kinetic would be overpowered similarily to the disintegrator. If it hits an ally with full shields while on EM dmg, he could get taken down quickly with his shields gone. If he get’s hit by a thermal it would mitigate the dmg, even at the risk of dmging the hull a little more if he has no shields (but there you just have to aim).



While I do find the Federation frigates somewhat low on survivabilty, using the warden or armada drones already help a lot. If you use it correctly and always surround yourself with allied fighters that shouldn’t be a problem (or even if you do get targeted, your survivability is high enough for the enemies to be severely weakened/shot down while they try to kill you,


Still don’t understannd what you mean with agressive or defensive roles


The barrier idea is not bad but imagine loosing all your drones, being targeted by 2 fighters and the next asteroid is 2km away. without being able to instantly spawn new ones you’ll never make it. What I DO think would be good is that if 1 of your drones died but the other is still alive, it could regenerate after a while. 


Yeah… Time… Sleep… Zombie…


While I do find the Federation frigates somewhat low on survivabilty, using the warden or armada drones already help a lot. If you use it correctly and always surround yourself with allied fighters that shouldn’t be a problem (or even if you do get targeted, your survivability is high enough for the enemies to be severely weakened/shot down while they try to kill you,


Vanguard drones actually remove your survivability because hull/shield rep of ~100/sec does not help you when ONE fighter is unloading well over 2K dps on your frig at 100% accuracy, whereas having killed the threat will. Drones just need a complete buff, on range, dps, tracking (or make them lasers so they can atleast apply dps on fast moving targets).   And perhaps the inclusion of a shield so they can atleast survive a missile or two, or alternatively have them respawn while the skill is being channeled. 


At the current state, Jericho frig makes for a better mid field option because you can atleast torp yourself and the aggressor when your emergency barrier triggers.

I agree that the drone frigates are slightly underpowered in PvP but as I said, you always have to view it in context. Yes, if your alone fighting against a guy flying with 400-600 your vanguard drones won’t help you that much either. But if you have fighter support you don’t need the dps of the drones, you need the survivability they add. Depending on your module/skill setup it can even become possible to heal your hull FASTER then it get’s shot down. Or at least very close to that. As for dps, use minefields or Pulsar as a replacement for the drones and it’s no problem, especially if you can aim and made sure to have a propulsion inhibitor/can aim your main gun.


Jericho Frigates have the following disadvantages: Weak hulls and very slow. As such a Fed frig does better while dodging etc.

From my experiance the Drones need a range increase, not a big increase but one none the less. Say go from 1.5K to 2K, or even 2.5K like those that guard the becons. Also make their plasma looking bolts or what ever they fire track, this way if you are in range of Fed Frig drones and they are shooting at you, you are going to get hit no matter what. The tracking “bolts” are for only Armada drones, not say the base Frig drones or Vanguard. I also like the idea of making it so that if you are going to get hit by a missile or two that the drones take it instead of your Frig. Yes I know there are the Armada drones that take down missiles, but when you are in a Frig, you can never have enough Anti-Missile systems.

Vanguard drones need to replenish your shields and armor MUCH FASTER for even considering using Frigs with Vanguard drones. Perhaps even make it so that while your Vanguard drones are replenishing you, your Frig also gets resistance to Thermal, EM, and Kinetic by what ever percent that appears balanced.

The drones need more health maybe have Vanguard heal others also would be sweet.

I agree with Wynn80’s idea, since the Vanguard drones are somewhat useless in a teamfight in comparison to the damage dealing and missile deflecting Armada ones. Also drone health is too low, yeah.

the whole issue is the tiers.

what is needed to fix it at tier 1 is something worldwide different from t3… making 1 fix that would work for both would mean completely changing the current mechanic of the disint and torp skill

Tier 1 sucks for use but like Sergeant said to fix it would could ruin balance in the other tiers,


I did come up with a crazy idea for the Vanguard drones what if they did no damage but heal others, then at 50% damage to use they heal use like they do now.