xxxx type on targeting in combat

One thing i kinda miss in this game is a way to quickly see what type of ship the enemy i am targetting is flying.


What i would like to propose is a option to see the ships name below or besides any enemy i target.


That way one could always determine possible abilities of a target with just seeing it and can act accordingly.




How did the forum censor “ship” in the title o0

This is a good idea.


It doesn’t help you much, but you can do that by pressing ‘tab’ and hoovering your opponent’s ship. But that can only be done before the game starts for the captain for exemple, or when you are dead. I sometime do it as a frigate, when it’s calm. It doesn’t answer to your request.

I know i can do that and do that often, but if youre a fustercluck of enemys you dont have the time to read every name and try to think what ship it is



I was just explaining that, because a lot of players don’t know it is possible. You may have been part of those.

Can’t remember exactly whether it shows the ship type too (and can’t check atm) but try pressing v. I will try to confirm it in game later.

I think it only shows hull and shield.