XP Status

could you show us the current xp to next ship level (per ship)  like a level 6 ship - to next level = 2300 ( *shows current xp* 2200/2300) just showing the level 6/7 doesn’t tell you or give you any idea on how long you have to play with whatever ship your using.


i wouldn’t think it would be much of a hassle to add this.


How much synergy you need = Total synergy needed - (synergy already attained + free synergy)

Do it yourself in your head or on paper.


My ship currently needs 10000 synergy to level up. I have 5000 synergy collected so far plus I have 4000 free synergy. Therefore I only need 1000 more synergy to level up my ship.


Synergy? What’s synergy? Can you eat it?


i was totally ignore’ing synergy and was looking for a xp output. visual

i will just have to open my eyes wider lol.