Would these things be viable or already coming?

Good Day,

Firstly I would like to say thank you for inviting me into the Beta and I love the game so far the design is sharp and the game is fun on the whole. I was wondering a few things which I will list below:

  1. Is there plans for a cockpit view (inside the ship like in Privateer or Star Lancer)
  2. Are there plans for proper joystick support?
  3. Are there plans for a Clan/Guild/ system that you can easily manage your squad in a more efficient way? IE: to easily remove/add/ (also add temp slots for random people to join.
  4. Are there going to be other ways to earn rep with the factions? As the current way seems a little inconsistent and slow.
  5. Buying of ships what also cost rep to purchase, are there any plays to make alternative options like if it cost 50 000 and level 2 rep to just more credits ie: 100 000k.

Thank you again in advance and wish you the best of luck on your work through the beta stages of development.

Hello and welcome to Star Conflict,

About most of your questions there are already a few answers in the closed beta section.

I will ask if this information can be moved to the open beta forum, so you will be able to read this too.

Good day,

Thank you that would be really appreciated, I would love to know what is in the works, it’s nice to know what could be coming, makes things exciting.

There are a couple of things planned so there are many reasons to be excited.