Workshop: Ship Parts - Exchange or Swap function needed

The Workshop: (Ship Parts exchange or swap)



I had already made one very similar [suggestion about recycling resources](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30532-secret-projectdestroyer-ship-parts-recycling-option/) from the ship parts.

This one is slightly different and less complicated. It might be a better alternative.

Reason behind such suggestion is pretty simple.

Some players only want to get one Secret Project ship and I know quite a few cases, where they actually made a mistake and they had chosen the wrong ship part.

Sometimes they got a ship part from Special Operations as well, but not the one that they needed. Support did not help them, of course.

This method will provide (S)Targem with additional funding for sure. There’s too much randomness in this game as it is.

Commercial Department should decide, if both options are applicable. If not, then Credit price can be left out, so that this method only works, if you pay with GS.

I would recommend both options to be present and available.

If that’s not possible, you should provide special opportunities or special sales, where you can actually use credits to get them, for a limited time.


You got 3 Deflector ship parts, but you actually need 3 Reactor ship parts.

Solution is to present the system, where you can swap or change your ship parts with another one of your choice.

Example: (price for 1 ship part of any kind)

Economic aspect: Universal price for the service ( GS price only , or GS price and Credit price to choose from)

GS price for any Secret Project ship part: 750 GS or 12,5 million credits

GS price for any Destroyer ship part: 1500 GS or 25 million credits

The interface must be made, where you can select the appropriate ship part with another one. You’re also asked for confirmation.

Once confirmed, GS price or C redit price is deducted from your account.

If you got any questions, let me know!

Agree, absolutely agree…with everything but those prices…also wondering why this wasn’t part of the game already from the start or implemented when that system was introduced into the game …