Working on the Bots

Ahoy and Welcome.

I suggest you work a bit on the bots,

since their AI, often is inferior to even fresh pilots,

sometimes cumbersome, ramming you to death.

How about giving the players the possibility to change the bot starting gear and to squad with them,

by introducing npc wingmen with different characteristics as in:


piloting skill








so you can form a squad with NPCs who will FOLLOW YOU

the squad commander and grant useful buffs.

How do you feel fellow Space Jockeys?

i basicly suggested it quite some time ago but the thread sorta died…

a pretty big idea for one thread lol but yeah its a part of the “lobby” i suggested, talking about the pure modifications of bots is enough for a whole other thread realy , so lets use this 1.

as far as i see it, bots are there to fill gaps and be destructive when possible.

yes theyr not hard to kill but with a good aim and missiles so are players *shrug*

if we get this option in the future i assume some kind of currency will be used for modifications

obvious skill/weapon limit and classes are to be in place.

this can go far and im obviously on board.