Wolf Girls and Cat Girls species to be placed in game.

I would like there to be these types of characters used inside portraits and/or ship factions.

They can also be used in quests!













Bring them on!!


Do some drawing in the Star Conflict art style, if you must. 

Put your artists to work~ 


Also, no strange cat/wolf-faces, please. Just cat/wolf-ears and tails.

Other animal mixes are welcome!

Even slime girls! 

You know what!?..Bring in the Whole Monster Girl ARMADA!!!



oh god please no, we need more Atlas to take out those antropomorphic beings with cat/wolf tails and ears.

I think they do not really fit into space:)




I think they do not really fit into space:)

Mr. Roberts thinks otherwise (Kilrathi in Wing Commander)

Hmm, no.

It would fit it with space very well. We have people splicing themselves with robotics already, so why not genetic splicing? I say it has already happened in the Star Conflict universe. 

It just hasn’t been made public~  yet. 

I don’t see what is the benefit of combing fap material with the game like star conflict - when you are flying your hands are busy anyways, or your queue times are to long?

It’s only as good material as Madam Summers~

In all seriousness, it’s not in any way for that kind of reasoning. 

More character portraits are needed, Good ones!


You can even add in male hybrids.


On a side note, I’d like to see some star conflict women quest givers and portraits with 1/3’rd the breast size of miss summers and two times the cuteness. Hotness is not the only thing we gamers look for;

Cuteness goes a lot further~  In other words - short, small breasted and cute women. 


This would add to the game in a good many ways. Wolfpack? you get wolf portraits to choose from!

among other corporations, and players who have a particular animal/s in their names, they may improve their image by gaining said persona. 

Our foxes would no doubt enjoy this. 


More customization will only add to the game for players, and it’s not like resources will simply be diverted to this from another project. Your artists need something to do, too!

If you could have an option to display/turn off female characters with cat ears and tails, i have no problem. But if theres no way i can avoid those character, plz no, it would be very disgusting…i strongly dislike them.

How about the cosplaying type?

Oh c’mon. Hybrid wolf and human? So mother was human and father were wolf? Isnt that a little bit… weird? I know they might be cute but… nope. Or at least you can make it as Miss Spring or something… But nothing more.

I think they do not really fit into space:)

What do you call me? X3

*ear twitches slightly as I sit and stare in to your soul*

What do you call me? X3

*ear twitches slightly as I sit and stare in to your soul*

Hm? Which soul?

Hm? Which soul?

I believe you mean “What soul?”