Witchfire Drone [Module]

Name: Witchfire Drone (or Witcher Drone)

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 8-15

Damage: 2,250 Thermal

Explosion radius: 25m

Projectile speed: 3,000m/s

Cartridge: 10 rockets

Drone detonation damage: 8,000 Thermal

Drone detonation radius: 250m

Flight speed(drone): 500m/s

Turn speed(drone): 60 deg/s

Flight time: 90s

Recharge: 100s

Tooltip: Unleashes a drone for you to control. It will fire unguided rockets at targets for every click. Once all rockets have been used up, the drone will detonate on impact with any object for large damage. The drone has limited fuel.

Combine this with my OS recon build,or Attack Helicopter and you can solo destroyers with that,i think it is a bit overdone.

The idea is cool. I like it. 

Ofc numbers will be changed in the final form but more controllable entities would be really nice.