why we cant equip different weapons?

most ships have at least 2 or 4 guns, why cant we equip 2 long range and 2 close weapons? so we can be more balance, instead if we have only close range then we have to travel far, or if we have long range means dead if close range weapon got close.

You terribly wrong, in every space ship game everyones known having mixed kind of gunz is useless. No ones should mix theire gun to be efficient.

By the way, there are mods you can buy later on that make you do more damage or shooting further. In Tier 2 up to 27,5% further for example.

You terribly wrong, in every space ship game everyones known having mixed kind of gunz is useless. No ones should mix theire gun to be efficient.

not really, this option will get people more choices and chances to develop different playing style. for exp, if i had long range weapon i could damage people first before they got close to me, then by the time they get closed they are no longer full hp/shield. after that if they were still dare to get close i could use burn to any enemy got close to me and with close range weapon(+long range weapon) will get me more chance to make sure if they didnt burned to death i could shoot them to death. 

Again, no. Try to understand that your firepower will be divised by 2 if you have 4 gunz, and for the frigate by 3. 2 long range and 4 close, or 2 close and 4 long. It’s mean you’ll be completely unefficient in 2 or 3 style of game play instead of just one (close, med or long). Every ship have theire roles, and you should count on the skills of your teammates. But for exemple there is some frigates like jerico or empire who actualy snipe / launch long range missiles and use close range gunz for the defense + some modules like Pulsar & cie.


Thrust me, it’s better like this.

well i mainly play frigate, so staying behind and shooting missiles wont work out that great, and its a waste of its high hp/shield. plus most of the missiles got shot down easily.  also, when i was camping on beacon i usually could 1vs2 small ships, and i dont just shooting at them, its hard to aim them anyway. my point is you cant just simply 1+1=2. efficient or not, its depending on do we know how to use and take its advantage.  

Frigates alone are weak and everyones know that. But if you have 3 squad members in Jerico frigate with Pulsar + Regen + Heavy rails, thrust me, that’s a lot of damage and real powered. Alone you do nothing in this game anyway, I mean seriously squads are the key. But you right about one thing, frigates need to be boosted a bit about theire HP/Resis a frigate should not be die after 3 shoot of a fighter with an higher level.

Keep in mind that having different guns equipped would require the targeting system to be changed as well.  

Ie: if multiple sets of guns are able to be active at the same time the “Target Leading” reticle would be off as different weapons have different velocities.  And I think if you have multiple reticles present will clutter up the interface and likely confuse new players.


Also as stated above, you severely limit your damage output at any range by having individual sets.


if you only allow one set of guns to fire at a time then you remove the natural damage scaling of having more guns per ship meaning frigates deal the same damage as interceptors…


Really multiple weapon systems would only benefit a capitol ship scenario where you have a huge ship that will pretty much only go from point A to point B during a fight and rely on multiple pilots or Ai to control the different turret sets.

for the targeting system, i think there should be no problem at all. if we had a 5000 shooting range and a 2500 shooting range weapon equiped at teh same time, just simply show the shooting mark starts from 5k and only do damage from the 5k weapon(although 2.5 is shooting at the same itime but it doesnt get to 5k so all missed). and when the distance get closer to 2.5k then the 2.5k weapon damage starts to effect too. 


for cooldown, there is no need to show cooldown on the shooting mark, do it on the weapon icon, which just like the most mmorpg(like the rocket), so people know they have weapon in cooldown. . 


“Target Leading” maybe does causing confusion, but i dont think it will be a big deal. make weapon slot 1 as the main weapon for the trget leading, people will realized in second. for example, slot 1 has a  fast plasma weapon so when they target the enemy with “Target Leading” they saw only plasma do the damage, so they will realize rest of the weapon dont do damage is because, may is too slow , overheat fast.


“limit damage output” this is really depends on players. equip different weapon doesnt mean cannot equip same weapon

Good points, but then how will you handle the spread mechanic between the different guns if there allowed to be used in conjunction?

At the moment it is not planned to allow players to equip different weapons.