Why my chat Ban for 48 hours.

I play this game since 2013 and never had problem with the rules.Now my personal chat ban for 2 days.

What is wrong with this. If break rules please post me proof that this does not happen again.

P.S Ty for answer.

You were chat banned for spamming random numbers in general chat.
few examples:
[Deliberator]: [link 1 a:620295452;0;1,0,15,4,1,10,1,1,0.326,1,4,0,1,0.851,1,11,1,1,0.312,1,6,1,1,0.672]
[Deliberator]: ````````````````````````[link 1 a:620295453;0;1,0,15,4,1,10,1,1,0.474,1,4,2,1,0.204,1,7,2,1,0.660,1,8,4,1,0.308]


Also please contact me directly instead of discussing moderation publicly.