Why is space so bright?

Hi dear devs, this is my suggestion about how the space should look like in this game, why is it soooo bright in the game? why can’t it be black like the real space and stars and nebulas and … shine for their own and not light their surroundings like street lights in fog? the space almost feels like the sky from down here as we see it, at 5 PM in summer! doed anyone else agree with me here?

I like the current visual style. It fits the game atmosphere. 

This is an easy one. It’s bright so you can see

I never saw a game with dark space. Only old games though have dark space. I honestly love it when there’s loads of lights, lens flares in sci-fi games.

Well just consider there is a sun nearby. Either way I think most of the maps are in the low orbit of planets, not in deep space. This would explain the lighting and the artificial horizons in the background which give you some sort of “up” and “down” impression also. I prefer this to be honest.

The game is not based off an entirely realistic representation of space.

This is an easy one. It’s bright so you can see


LMAO, the pic, the response, 10/10

I like the brightness, every system has its own setup so you can find your desired light effects easy. :smiley: