Why is 7 day painting not available for Credits?

What me wonders is why are all paint jobs cost GS?


I can understand that the unlimited version costs GS but why is the 7 day version not available for Credits?


Let it cost 500k or 1kk (1 Million) so that we can check how some colours would look in the space… in the hangar the colours look much different then in space i think at least by different locations… so make it possible to buy the colours for 7 days at least whit credits to test some combinations out.

I agree with you. 7 days and 30 days should be available by credits (more credits the higher the tier in the ship) and GS only for the unlimited amount.


I would pay credits for that (you know, more credits to spend means I will buy license sooner or later)

You used to be able to buy stickers with credits, and they would only apply for a short time.


Then some corporate guy decided this wasn’t going to make them any money, so they dropped it and changed Stickers from being “buy it once and use it infinitely across all ships” (I have two stickers that work like that thanks to buying them before the change) to “buy it once and it applies to one ship, and is lost forever if you change it.”

I bought 2 before that so now I can add the Japanese flag and air force insignia to all of my ships for free :smiley: