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Application history of silver
Dating back 6000 years, natural mineral metallic silver has been applied to medical science and public hygiene in the long history.
The ancient Phoenicians used silver utensils to store water, wine, vinegar and other gels for freshness in the way of sailing.
The ancient Macedonian covered their wounds with silver pieces for accelerating wound healing.
In 1893, after some systematic researches, C. Con Ageless firstly reported metallic silver has the lethal effect on bacteria and microorganism.
This product is developed by the compounding technology of silver ion and zinc oxide on basis of the antibacterial characteristics, which has a strong bactericidal effect on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, fungi and pathogenic purulent bacteria. Tests show the killing rate of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, candida albicans, pseudomonas aeruginosa exceeds 90%. No irritation to skin and mucous membrane, no allergy.
Silver ion content(0.2±0.02)mg/g
Zinc ion content(15±1.5) mg/g
For sterilization and nursing of skin and mucous membrane, and also for private parts.
For sterilization and anti-inflammatory of skin and mucous.
Treats burns and scalds, cuts and other traumatic wounds.
Helps prevent infection of the affected area.
Shortens healing time and duration of symptoms.
Relives tingling, pain, itching and other discomfort.
It is mainly consisted of active silver ion antibacterial liquid and applicator.
White opaque cream
Anti-inflammatory effect
Healing and repairing character
Long-acting effect and pollution-free
Non-irritating and non-volatile liquid
Non-antibiotic, non-toxic and no tolerance
Antibacterial principle
Positively charged silver ions combine with negatively charged pathogens to produce Coulombic Attraction that makes protease lose activity, which is the foundation of the bacteria to survive, eventually this will lead to the final death. Meanwhile, silver ions can dissociate from the bacteria and continue to sterilize.
National patent technology
Ag++ active component
GMP management system
OEM processing service
Best factory price for all agents
100,000 class cleaning workshop
24 years’ experience in research & development

Antibacterial certificate
Bacterial SpeciesMICMBC
Staphylococcus   Aureus1:161:8
Escherichia Coli1:641:32
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa1:321:16
Candida Albicans1:161:8
Candida   Krusei1:321:16
Aspergillus Flavus1:161:8
Bacterial SpeciesBacterial StrainSensitivity(%)
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa17100
Escherichia Coli20100
Staphylococcus Aureus14100
Salmonella Typhimurium11100
Citrobacter Freundii10100
Klebsiella Pneumoniae8100
Staphylococcus epidermidis12100
Alcaligenes faecalis5100
Nitrate-negative Bacillus3100
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae10100
Candida Albicans15100
Candida Krusei13100
Yeast-like Fungus6100

Apply appropriate amount to the affected area according to the size and condition after cleaning with disinfectant. After smearing directly, bandage can be covered with sterile gauze. And can be also applied directly to the needed part.
This product should be stored in shady and dry places under normal temperature.
People with allergies to silver ion are forbidden to use.
Only for external use and don’t take orally.
Not a substitute for medicines. Shall not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.wholesale Silver Ion Wound Cream
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