When translation become a barrier of communication

Hello all,


Having a game translated is great for people who don’t understand a word of english even if I blame them about it. We have in FrogSwarm some French people with small brains (think about the size of a frog brain) and english is too hard for them to learn. BUT it becomes really anoying and a nightmare to understand each others because some of us have the english version and some other the french version. Modules, ships, objects, npc names, gates are translated in French and we would love to have a switch to NOT translate them and stick with the english names. Having all the narative stuff translated is however ok.


I beg you to have this checkbox in options. emot-worship.gif


Translate Modules/Ships: [X]

thanks for your input, we discussed this with the translators and collected some feedback from player.


All player preferred the current situation, so we stay with it.

I don’t understand your answer.


Some players don’t like the idea, so you don’t want to give the option to those who want it ?


Seems like a poor excuse.

It’s not a poor excuse, everything is translated except the ship names. It makes no sense to translate the whole game except the modules just because a very small portion of the playerbase demands it. Basically because they have been translated already and because more people would suffer than anything. 


We don’t want a half-assed translation.

I can’ t accept your answer, sorry, but maybe you didn’t understand the request.

I beg you to have this checkbox in options.



Silmerias asks for an OPTION. There is no consequence for those who don’t want that option. So your arguments about “more people would suffer” or “we don’t want” are irrelevant. 

Just because you don’t want this option is not a reason for not giving it to those who want it.

That’s why i’m talking about an excuse. The argument being irrelevant, bringing it up seems to me like bringing up an excuse.





There would be a little work from the devs, but then again, not much.


The game data already has the string in english, and the strings in your language. Checking this option would cause the game client to choose the english strings for e.g. modules names, and the locale strings for its description.


I made a picture, just to be sure that language is not the reason we are not being understood.



As i get from the log files, there is a string called “itemSubType_TargetPainter” whose content is “Target Painter” in english and “Marcador de objetivo” in spanish


There must bo some kind of string called “itemSubType_TargetPainter_description” whose content is “Reduces target’s shield and hull resistances…” in english and “Reduce las resistencias del casco y escudo…” in spanish


I guess there is a simple way to use strings syntax to automatically detect the strings that should be kept in english and those that should be translated in locale language.




If this doesn’t work, then you could do like so many other games do (EVE online, etc.) and add a new language (French with english names)

Hey, chill out, I didn’t read the checkbox sentence, in that case I and no one would have any problems. I bet Gekaler didn’t notice it either.

Thanks for that answer.
I’m perfectly chill, and maybe my post was a tad aggressive, I’m sorry for that, I only wanted it to be clear.

I often am amazed on this forum by the aggressiveness of some response to options suggestions I made. (For example my suggestion of a switch for aiming mode. “Think out of the box”, “there is no use of that option”, etc.
Well, you don’t like it, very well, no one will force you to use that option. I want to say to those : Don’t pollute my post…)

Thanks Harlock to explain my point. Nothing to add, it’s quite simple to understand that it would be really easier to have the same modules names.

I agree with this. It’s hard communicating with corp mates with all the confusion. 


My corp mate from Ukraine asked me if I wanted to do clean sector. Apparently he meant sector sweep. I can just imagine him saying, “Dadgummit! Where is the darned broom in the armory?!?!”


Add this feature on all things please. It will prevent confusion. 

I agree.


Check box option is all we need and we can all live happily ever after.