Whats the difference of expert and basic ship controls?

Whats the difference of expert and basic ship controls?

My advice: Try it out.

Take an interceptor. Go basic mode.

Take an interceptor. Go expert mode instead.

For some players expert mode is almost uplayable, i prefer the basic mode.

Expert control has your view fixed to where your ship is facing (compared to Basic, where your view follows your cursor). It’s good for flying fighters and interceptors, as it prevents the high-ping wobbling and helps lead unguided warheads better (in my opinion, anyway). It’s not advised for frigates, however, as the limited field of view means your firing arc also suffers, and being able to defend yourself at a wide angle matters a lot when flying a frigate - given that, Basic control is ideal for frigates, as the freedom of view allows you to track targets trying to get behind you.

Basic: camera moves with mouse and ship follows.

Expert: camera is fixed onto the ship.

Also free aim dont work in expert.

I use expert. I like the feel much much better. I don’t like not having free aim.

From previous threads I think many feel basic is better. Unfortunately, due to the name, I learned in

expert mode from the beginning so I would not have to adapt later.

Now if I switch to basic I just run into everything and have trouble finding my targets.

basic >> control weapons, ship follow

expert >> control ship, weapons follow

ok guys thanks for the help  :012j: