What Do you want to see in combat?

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More Survivability

Repair modes are more constant, with 1.2 the current cool down, but regeneration either instantly or over a long duration. (15 second regeneration, at 25 second cool down, or 50% Health, at 25 second cool down


these figures are based on a % Value of your ships total life. 7% For shields, 7.5% for hull.

New Figures

2000 / 7% = 140 x 15 = 2100 / 20 sec cool down. Total: 105 Shield per second (SPS)

Or (Instant Heal) 1000/25 = 40 Total 40 SPS (this is about half because its instant, ideally instant mods will be better for interceptors, while over time will be better for larger ships that have more pool to eat through.)

Current Figures

684 / 40 seconds = Total 17.1 HPS

More Roles

These changes would include changes like Nerfing damage on ceptors to make them more of a scout ship, that go’s around tagging people with spy drones (so that the team can see where all enemies are) and playing a support role with similar objectives.

These changes would also include making support ships more friendly with healing figures like above, that will generally speaking, heal better.

All support Class ships, that have none combat based roles (interceptors, Support ships) Will receive participation points in games for doing these things.

More Strategy

These changes would focus more in the area of changing the racials, and ships abilities, so that things are more tactical. some changes in this area would include

All races becoming universally based on a common ability, with various altering effects for each race, examples of this are below. These sorts of changes would cause people to use the stated tactics below.

Racial Tactics

Empire : well rounded on offense/defense. highest response time of all three races.

Federation : Heavy offense, Excels at ambush tactics.

Jerico : Combat kings, Excels at brute attacks. Aka Blobbing.


Special Ability:


Warps the ship 7,500km

30 second cool down

Interceptor : No Charge up time.

Fighter : Travel distance increased to 10k

Frigate : After exiting Hyperspace, restoration cool downs are reduced by 25%.


Special Ability:


Cloaks the ship for up to 90 seconds, or until the ability is reactivated.

Cool down 45 seconds,

Interceptor : When cloaked, movement speed is increased 30%.

Fighter : After decloaking Decloaking 5% Critical strike for 10 seconds.

Frigate : Decloaking causes enemies in 5000m not to be able to fire weapons or missiles for 10 seconds


Special Ability:

Regenerative shielding.

Regenerates Sheilds 40% faster for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Interceptor : While regenerating, movement speed increased 35%.

Fighter : When regenerating, your attack speed is increased by 15% and critical strike by 5%.

Frigate : After the shield buff experiences, your shield explodes dealing damage equal 50% of your shield amount as thermal to all enemies in 3500m


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New - Changed the suggestion to the following

all races now share ship-wide buffs that are t he same, largely due to the difficulty of programming and balancing all ships diverse effects of the racial. the buff suggestions as follows.

Empire : Warp 10,000km. on exiting. On exiting hyperspace armor resistance is increased 30% for 15 seconds.

Federation : Cloaking. Lasts 30 seconds. 45 second cool down. critical strike is increased 10% After decloaking for 15 seconds.

Jericho : Can now shift through the resistance tree, increasing resistance to a specific type for 15% or 7.50% for all. Passive: regeneration of shields is increased by 10%.

Well for me this game needs more strategy and roles but idea to add them to Race is horrible. Race profits are \horrible ideas cos its from one ballance issue, from other it goes to "x have best Frigates, cos x have this and that and Y have beter Ceptors cos this and that., and thats only vialable builds bla bla bla.

It’s actually more balanced this way, it also removes long-range sniping from the game, which pushes players into combat. its better that the skills go racial, but have a ship hull specific effect. like above. same basic idea, but with slightly different twist.

Also when you have race-wide mechanics, you can balance it all alot faster and easier because any changes you make it causes them

further, if you have race wide traits, there is race wide tactics.

But, it can go to:

no one is flying faction x, cos faction x is weak in combat because of this and that.

Wont be weak, They are different tactics. For example.

Jericho will take lots of hits

Empire will be team-work highly mobile, so when ever a node is attacked, the can get there fast

Federation will be cloak fire a few times, then recloak.

they are all good, just flat out different tactics

To sum it up

Jericho will takes lots of hits

Empire will ping-pong from one places to the next in groups

Federation will hit in smaller groups (most likely) of 2-3, fire a few times take something low or kill it, then recloak, wait and repeat.

It would be better, if you could choose tactics and change it, regardless of faction. It should be ship based not faction based. You want hitenrun? Use fast ship, you want to backstab? Use clock. Etc.

But setting it via ship size, and not race/size you kill the unique aspects of the races. it causes ever faction to “seem” the same . There needs to be drive a wedge between them. by doing a universal mechanic, you will cause the people who like up in your face approach to take jericho, the people who like hit and run, to pick federation, and the people who like to move around fast, to pick empire.


So lets say at the moment, all frigates can snipe, Empire’s snipe go’s farther, federation faster, jerico more damage.

Then the changes would be

legion gets regeneration effect + danage - interceptor

legion gets regeneration + Attack speed - fighter

legion gets regeneration + more regen - Frigate

Warden gets regeneration effect + critical - interceptor

Warden gets regeneration + faster charge speed - fighter

Warden gets regeneration + faster lockon - Frigate

This causes all 4 races to share the “regeneration” effect, but also gives unique effects per ship size, per faction.

So in some way you get uniqueness to ships, but also a universal effect

Racial shared abilities

Empire - Micro-warps

Federate - Cloaking

Jericho - Regenerative shielding

Well you don’t need to stick unique ability to race or ship, It can be players(pilots) perks, that they can choose on creating they char, or further in the game. It can be in un-separable sets, like interceptor+atack+frig , or one for each ship separately, more like skills. It would be nice if it could be changable further in game, but not too often (once in a… ?).

And unique often means unbalanced. For now theres not too much need for feel faction too much diferent. All games/fights are faction mixed. We dont have wast open space war like 400 vs 400 vs 400 for dominance over sth, and it is good aproach. If it would be like any other MMOs (WoW ALiance vs Horde, SWTOR Republic vs Empire) you would have more balance issues, and i dont see a reason for it in this game.

There is a very good reason why devs in Eve retracted from faction/race specific perks.

You are right, which is why i dident suggest perks.

If its on the ship, they are forced to use it, so in other words they are forced to use a set tactics. if this is the same, then everyone is not doing the same thing. thats now you make game - altering changes.

perks and stuff is only buffing specific stats, rather then making each range unique you are trying to peel an orange with a cheese grader. what you are suggesting does not fix the problem of diluted game play or lack of play styles. right now its all the same thing basically (with maybe the exception of someone who uses a cloak intelligently).

also this game has perks already, they are the skill tree

Sadly, yes. But race/ships/pilots perks arent only thing that can change it. I want more options in play style, but im far away from sticking it to ships or races.

It should be combination of ship, weapons and mostly fitting, passives and/or active modules you have on board. Race bonus should help but shoudnt be needed or alone decided what tactic you would be using on you’re ship.

i also agree with wanting more play systems, but the only real way of doing this, is to tone it to your unique ways of gaming, and to do that, you need modules.

for example, you want to do sniping, but want to use a rock to move around, but you dont want to be stationary so you need more mobility, and faster travel time on charges, there go your option for your style, is mod.

you want to do hit and run tactics, but want good regen so you can tank alittle, you need shield regen, and speed.

you want to do nuke damage, all or nothing, you need damage bonus, ie damage mods,

so the solution to play styles, is modules, and the solution to race-wide tactics, is a universal ability.

Yes to all but:

There should be no race wide tactics. Thats the thing. Tactic should come from mods and entaire group, not from race.

the race already has them.

In general the following applies

Empire - Fast

Federation - Ambush

Jericho - Brute Power

These changes are minor really, if anything these changes only solve the massive spam of missile/sniper-gun abilities.

making the ship ability race wide with a twist, just helps fix the above problems. that’s all. this is more or less a fix to the mass spam of camping.

I upgraded the suggested changes, please check them out.

i think the racial diversity should be reflected in the skill tree options avaiable or cost for learning a particular skill (e.g. vanguard learning cost for shield master is half than any other fraction, whilst armada is half for rapid fire pulse laser MK3, etc.)

ships diversity is fine as you pointed out in your post

This is an interesting idea. Including the skill tree in it. Personally i find that anyone can have all weapons silly if they are equal in power, just suited for other needs.

first off the tree should be broken down into tiers itself





then in those there should be sub-cats like


plasma weapons






hull and construction

they should make is so that there is passive bonus’s for being only in 1 tree like


Faction only ships (Like a warden only ship) Should have specializations to specific things. this will give various ships more credit over others for the various roles in game like:

a ship with + speed bonus for those who like to fly fast

a ship with + laser bonus

a ship with + targeting range


Plasma specialization: Received when specializing only in plasma weapons. Plasma weapons gain another 15% damage, and 25% charge speed.


Today was my first day playing the game, but I got a few things that I think are a problem (at least for me) in Star Conflict:

  1. I would really like some clear UI indicators of who, and from where is shooting at me, sometimes in the heat of battle, especially on frigates when using guided torpedoes it can take some time to notice who, and from which direction is attacking you (even more so if you’re blasting heavy metal from your speakers and can’t even hear you’re being shot at :slight_smile: )
  2. Speaking of guided torpedoes on frigates, it would be really good to have some degree of control over your ship while you’re flying the torpedo. Even as little as being able to control the throttle, would increase the flexibility of torpedo attacks, for example, enable players to launch torpedoes at distant enemies, while flying towards a beacon.
  3. One more thing I would love to see is being able to set the speed of your ship and have it fly without having to keep buttons pressed, whether it would be just a few preset percentages of max speed, or a smooth control doesn’t really matter.

you can auto-gas with the + and - key on the keypad.