Weapons that *splash* upon a ships shield and blind the pilot.

I would like to ask a change in the animations of these weapons so that the enemy is not given a *sight* advantage.

When these weapons, particularly the frigate kinetic weapon, splash on an enemy ship, it gives a blinding effect to them, especially if used with rapid fire, and it makes it hard for the receiving end to actually figure out where to aim. It’s hard to see even the aim circle, and you can only barely see the enemy ship through the haze.

This is particularly hard on frigate pilots, while interceptors are pretty much unaffected, and fighters are somewhere in the middle. 


  • Just something that has bothered me for a long time.

Just my open onion here, I like it. It adds realism to a game. Not every weapon will have the same type of visual which is nice. If you can’t handle it then learn to adapt.

No offense.

The only problem I have with splash is friendly fire by the engi gun. It freaks me out almost every single time. You would think that damaging something and healing something would have two different visuals.

Oh yes, lot of realism, Above all when u are shooted with recons holograms and Scatter gun. And if there are 2 recons and 4 holograms shooting you, better alt+f4

It might look nice, but it would be really annoying if 2 or more players are shooting you.

It might look nice, but it would be really annoying if 2 or more players are shooting you.


I don’t think you understood the suggestion. How I understood it is that he wants this to be removed. I have a problem with this also, because of my low FPS. Getting blinded by coil mortar fire and mines is common for me and often gets me killed since I cannot see an escape route. If this is an intended feature, then would it be possible to reduce the effect? And not make my screen FULLY black, like with the mines, but rather just dim it a bit or something?

It is a bit crazy how Minefields and Coil Mortar (and to lesser extent Eclipse Launcher and Scatter Gun) can blind pilots, but I’ve considered this as a special feature of those weapons rather than a bug. Anyway, would be nice to have some limit put to it so that people would not ram into walls.

Or have to use freelook to turn view in order to catch a glimpse of enemy location while piloting a Guard Frigate under Coil Mortar fire. That’s just silly.

I can see perfectly.

Edit: Yes, this isn’t coil, but relevant.



I just realised that big part of the problem is with lightining instead of weapons effects. Long time ago in my random invasion moments i spend some time shooting walls with different weapons, specially getting closer: whenever a explotion happens, your entire screen looses lightning (less gamma) even if the blast only affects a part of your screen. This is the same effect when you look at light sources like sun (notice you cant see well? well, ingame gamma is reduced there), and you can also notice that when moving the camera around your ships at hangar (some sides are really dark, take a screenshot and compare the light difference). Imo this dynamic light should be removed for explotions near your ship, since it reduces an important amount of vissibility and also makes no sense (the ship runs out of a little energy that supplies the 3rd person camera when getting shot? XD. A topic related to this last: Mech warrior online allows you only to see through cockpit, unless you pop a camera drone that follows your mech wich makes you possible to see your mech from 3rd person view :D).

but I’ve considered this as a special feature of those weapons rather than a bug. 

I guess it is a special feature for Eclipse only. Otherwise why this weapon should be called Eclipse? =)