Weapons teint should match the ship color

It no biggie, just a cosmetic thing. Weapons come only in color that match rusty color of basic ships. It would be nice if weapon’s color changed with the color of your ship or if you could change it yourself to match your ship. That’s just a few clicks of work in photoshop and a couple of more megabytes space.

May be we will see something like that in the future :slight_smile:

I was thinking about posting a suggestion that the colors should change or tint slightly based on the weapons mod you are using, or at least have slightly different graphical effects.

Blue laser beams would be pretty kool.

I posted about this on my thread for “itemshop ideas”.

Any kind of graphic change like new ship skins, colors for weapons, contrails etc should be cash shop items. This is the best way hands down to make money and to keep the game balanced.

league of legends has proven this with 350million a year income via pure cosmetic changes.

any cash shop item should be purely support / cosmetic, or things like a second talent tree

no cash shop item should offer superior damage, or anything of the sort. I will however say, from what i have seen in the market, the items there for the GS seem fair (so far) and have no issues with that. But in general all cash shop items should be purely for easy/comfort of cosmetics.

the problem that comes up is if you make upgrade items (that is, items that give you the ability to upgrade your market place items) In the item shop, you break the game. add new items that give you superior fire power, or ships or anything like that you break the game.

The money income should be there purely out of desire, and desire should be great when looking at these things.

that fancey stealth craft looking space ship, all black with a chrome finish is the sort of ship skin you want to add to item shop.

that golden glow contrail is the sort of item you want to add to the item shop.

If you do it like this, you will succeed, if you make the item ship have new weapons that are superior to market, you will fail

and the proof of that is the many of 100’s of games that are out there with that sort of structure, none of them are successful.

success ofc here weighing long term, corporate building games, like world of warcraft, eve or league of lengends.

And for the record, i honestly think if this game adds open universe, even basic at 50 star systems, and adds trade, mining, and station docking, this game will be a huge hit instantly, I base this one two factors

  1. Eve is vastly to complex for its own good, and a lot of people i know have turned away because of it.

  2. There is no other game out there right now that is like this (space combat wise) that is an mmo. Eve is the closest thing iv seen. and people are all over looking for a game like this.

I agree with Uhmari. Players arent agains item shop, but are strongly against Pay To Win.

In the future it will be possible to buy other stickers/colours for the ships, but this may take a while.

Open world is not planned in the near future.