Weapon's Convergence

Suggestion: A Weapon’s convergence should be set to be no further than the currently targeted enemy.

For those that do not know what I’m talking about: Wiki on Gun Harmonisation (or convergence) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_harmonisation

Currently A weapon’s convergence is tied entirely to the mouse cursor based on the point of view of the player.

With the weapon’s convergence ending up being some arbitrary value when pointing out to dead/empty space and converging closer when a ship, asteroid, or other surface is under the mouse.

Finally the game also will converge weapons when the cursor is within a few pixels of the indicated aim ahead point of a targeted enemy ship.

My suggestion is to have the weapons always converge no further than the currently targeted enemy or closer if the mouse is on a ship, asteroid, or surface that is closer.
So that the weapons direction of fire does not change so drastically when the mouse is trying to be held over an enemy and falls off onto the backdrop of empty space.

You may notice this when you’re firing at an evading target. Shots going right at him then spreading off at an incorrect angle near but not close enough to ever damage them.

I have prepared a cheesy image to help demonstrate the issue.


A way to perhaps do such a thing is with an invisible sphere or cube with a radii equal to the targeted ships distance that the (mouse aim-point)/(ray-traced target point) can interact with to indicate where the convergence point is.


A side effect this will have is spread weapons will be much more effective vs interceptors.
As the weapons convergence will now be aimed near the target ship instead of at the skybox behind the target many many thousands of meters away.


Still I feel it would improve the control and feel of the game. It is a change that would make sense given how much aim correction computers would perform in the ‘future’ while still keeping every bit of skill needed to hit moving targets.



No because you may have one target locked but still trying to hit another one.

I don’t even understand what you are trying to say. Please dumb it down. or give TLDR

There’s nothing to explain Efefay. The thing he request is already in game. He just want some tweaking that won’t appen because would erase the main advantage of lasers (point and hit).