Weapons and modules tweak or even replace by something else

I’ve done quite a lot of pvp since the past year and for some modules and weapon i’ll put on that list i ever thought i’ll arrive to that conclusion but something need to be done about them:



currently THE most used weapon, most powerful, MOST ANOYING weapon used by destroyers pilots.

→ complete removal or system change.


OP as F, spammed by tai’kins in general

→ need a rework about dmg and should be move as a tackler module.


OP, and spammed

–>dmg buff should be reduced by half and need to be move as a command module.



–>active range need to be reduced and should be move as a tackler module.


–>need to be move as a tackler module.


i was used to defend that module but that was before seen 10 dessy in 1 match using it at the same time

–>removal, need to find another of module for dessy.


siriusly ?

–>removal, need to find another weapon


2nd fire mode op

-dmg reduced by half and need to be move as a cov ops weapon


–>lower effect durration by half


–>number of charge should be reduced by half



to make it simple all of them are breaking the game


Inhibitor crystal is fine, but others are as fvck op.

G’THAR’DU’CANNON : For me would have to turn of the gravitational effect

GRAVILENS : It should not affect the allies especially in pve

ELLYDIUM WEAPON AND MODULE: they should be totally modified

Another solution would be to restore the frigates guard their stats of 5 years ago in order to counter them

Lol I marked buff… sorry my english.

From the moment you can see ppl’s using all the same weapon and modules that immediately mean that those are broken and other weapon and modules need a rework. A good rework will lead us to see more diverse weapons and modules in battle, simple as that ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Gravitational Lens would be tolerable if it did full self and team damage, and had a much shorter duration. (Obviously with faster reload to compensate.) The pull effect of G’Thar’Du and Gravitational Lens should probably be reduced too. Currently getting hit by either of these in a frigate is pretty much a death sentence since any follow up shots will then hit too. Destroyers would be silly OP against frigates even without these. Another thing that could help would be adding a new passive “Gravitic Shield” module with moderate kinetic and EM resistance bonuses and a notable reduction to all these pull and push effects.


G’Thar’Du damage could be reduced a little, all the kinetic weapons of destroyers need notable buffs, and Static Shields need to be changed. One cannot usually do anything to other destroyers with Coilgun or Thermoactive Weapon since those cannot bypass Static Shields, nor destroy them faster than they can be replaced. Making destroyers unable to shoot through their own Static Barriers would largely fix this issue.


About everything else in the original post, yeah, I pretty much agree that something needs to happen about these. Not sure if anything needs to be removed though; simply nerfing any abilities outside of the core kit of the ship roles in question should suffice.

Thermoreactive weapon don’t need buff, only coilgun, it’s firing too slow.



Thermoactive Weapon is worse than Coilgun in almost every situation. Only if you’re going for a close range dive Tyrant build can it be marginally better than Coilgun, but I don’t think that is a good idea overall.

Interestingly non of the new Elly engineer frigate <Waz’Got> module are discussed here. Is it because no one flys this new ship? Or is it because Waz’Got is not OP as F?

2 hours ago, avarshina said:

Interestingly non of the new Elly engineer frigate <Waz’Got> module are discussed here. Is it because no one flys this new ship? Or is it because Waz’Got is not OP as F?

2 reasons:

The full ship hasn’t been released wet and the current version of the ship is nearly useless.

  1. Yes the ship is balance so far(at least for now)

Yes, exactly my impression, it is supposed to be an enginer but is slow and has no inovative module one would grind the hell after … it is a bit useless, yes! That’s what make me a bit disappointed… I grinded the TharGa but only for looking, not flying it and spared the TaiKin … now I have the Waz and … what the xxxx for ?

I you tried the waz’got on test server I guess you noticed the ship is more like a guard, It still don’t have healing modules except the WL

Test server instances only for … Window$e users - not Linux guys ![:(:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/(.png “:(:”)