Weapon: Vulcan-EL 13

A variant of the Vulcan rotatory (gattling) gun for the Waz’got frigate:


Name                 Vulcan-EL 13 (white)
DPS ( EM )                     417 dmg/s
Damage (EM)               50 dmg
Rate of fire                    500    rounds/min
Crit. dmg chance          10-50 %
Cit. dmg bonus             50 %
Projectile speed            5500 m/s
Firing range (max)        3700 m
Spread                          0.1-0.5 deg
Overheating/cooling     12/3.3 s
Description             Deals EM damage. A modern modification by the Ellydium scientists of the unique resurrected weapon Vulcan . A rotatory weapon with critical hit chance that increases with weapon temperature. Projectiles impact releases nanodrones that attack enemies and restore hull to all allies in a certain radius.



FYI, the classic kinetic Vulcan specs for comparison:



Name                Vulcan 13 (white)
DPS (kinetic)        470 dmg/s
Damage (kinetic)     66 dmg
Rate of fire        430    rounds/min
Crit. dmg chance      10-50 %
Cit. dmg bonus        50 %
Projectile speed    5060 m/s
Firing range (max)    2950 m
Spread                0.9-2 deg
Overheating/cooling    12/2 s
Description            A unique weapon with outstanding parameters. Critical hit chance increases with weapon temperature.


What do you say? Noticed that I did alter the name in Vulcan-EL 13![:006:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006.png “:006:”)


P.S.: Why ?  I’d say we need an effective weapon against Tai’Kin in ranks R5-8!!

??? So just a low-rank, high-rpm eclipse?



Image result for here take my money

I’m not sure, it’s looks like Ctrl C Ctrl V. How about the physics? Projectiles like bubbles or… 

No more ellydium, only op destroyer  ![:006:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006.png “:006:”).