Weapon Overcharge on Jericho Frigates

Weapon Overcharge is an active module, for long-range frigates, that buffs damage of the empire disintegrator or the jericho torpedo.


I think this modules works perfectly for the disintegrator, as the disintregrator has a consistend dps. However, I feel that Jericho Torpedo’s don’t benefit from this hardly at all, because 1 guard ship with a missile shield can shut down 100% of the sniping done by jericho frigates.


Suggested Change:

I think that this module should be changed so that it does not buff jericho torpedos’ damage, but instead makes the torpedo immune to being shot down by Missile Shield , or anything else that can shoot down a torpedo.



Opinion 1: Personally I think that an active module that completely negates a special active is overpowered. I don’t think that missile shield should be able to shoot down jericho torpedo’s. *edit* I can see how this might be abused, which is why i made the suggestion above.

really no replies? does no one think this is a good idea?

Torp’s need a rethink.  Aside from the ease at which you can destroy them or disable the guidance with near ubiquitous flares, the torp itself doesn’t do enough damage for the time invested.  Sure, it is an AOE, but it also hurts your team, which limits its usefulness in situations where enemies cluster up.  Around beacons you risk hurting your attacking forces, around the captain you risk killing your own captain or allies.  Point blank you can shoot yourself.


With the nerf to LRF hull and shields, it is risky for a frigate to close, so you are looking at 10-15 seconds of flight time, where you are not shooting.  


As it stands now, you are much better off with a gunship fighter then a torpedo LRF.  Making the torpedo immune to anti-missile won’t really change that mechanic enough to make the frigate more valuable.  It may take a combination of factors to improve things enough without making LRFs overpowered.  

Maybe we could have the overcharge module function in a different manner: upon activating it, the module remains active (maybe it could sap a little energy over time). Any disintegrator shot or guided torpedo launched will require an additional and substantial amount of energy, but they will get a damage boost. In this way, the overcharge module can be used as and when required without waiting for a long cooldown, but the energy requirement would prevent spamming. 


As for the missile shield, it is extremely frustrating to see your guided torpedoes go down. But I do agree that the missile shield is pretty fine against normal missiles. The issue is whether or not the guided torpedo should have some form of defense against the missile shield without encouraging torpedo spam. Right now, I’m just exploiting the guard frigate’s slow speed; I try to get my torpedo to places with no guard frigates, because they’re simply too slow and haven’t crawled there yet. If all fails, I have my stabilized railgun (with 6 turrets, at least).

This module indeed needs a rework, atleast for jericho.

It could boost missile speed and turn rate aswell maybe?