We need a Mature Tab in the Chat system

I’ve only been playing Star Conflict for under a week now and i have noticed that people just don’t take the warnings about keeping chat clean of obscenities, or just flat out don’t care because they feel entitled to speak how they want. I propose the implementation of a new chat tab that can be toggled on via the settings interface to deal with this issue. I would call it the “Mature” Tab. You wouldn’t need any requirements on your account to enter. You would just have to go into the settings and turn it on manually, ensuring that you are giving full acknowledgement of the vulgarity you are about to witness. If someone does not want to see the mature content, then they simply leave the option toggled off in the settings. I feel this would really help push people to move their bragging and bashing to a different secluded area. This also brings up the point of what is and isn’t ok to say in this tab. I personally feel that bragging and bashing add a bit of competitive ferocity that these games need. I don’t think there should be any restrictions on the type of speech that is used, but the vulgarity should be generalized and not directed to other players. F*** this as opposed to F*** you makes a big difference. I understand that this would also add a whole other tab that would need GM monitoring. Keep me in mind :P 


Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts. I just want to try to lighten to load on any one GM and try to help out with the growing population’s social needs.


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 Torenitor (CEO)

Myself and Torenitor did talk about this a bit. While personally I like the idea of a chat where people can swear as much as they want, swearing is still against the rules of chat ([http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/8916-game-server-code-of-conduct/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/8916-game-server-code-of-conduct/)).


Also, Torenitor, you were the one who came up with the idea. All I did was to encougrage you to post it here.

The topic of ‘swearing’ and how to deal with specific cases / identify what constitutes as actual swearing and what doesn’t, is under heavy discussion within the team. The combination of a more consistent approach from the GM team as well as further expansion and clarification of the game rules - should improve your experience significantly in the coming weeks.


Please be patient whilst these things fall into place and we go through a process of both coaching and development of several improvements.