"We have control of the sector!"

I know that corp battles are supposed to be massive and glorious, as well as few and far between, but have you considered how long it takes to actually conquer a sector? It’s near impossible if you have a small corp too!

What I suggest is that you put meaning behind the PvP messages where it says “sector under control” or “sector captured”.

What I mean is essentially that each PvP victory grants you a small fraction of that map’s daily reward for having it, for a certain number of weeks/days. So if you win one battle, your corp gets 7500credits/day or 2iridium/day or 2GS/day for a few days. This reward stacks for all wins throughout the corporation.

This would give smaller corps a reason to stick around, and give more to the members. Some of us genuinely -can’t- participate in dread battles due to either the time constraints or just having too much to do, so PvP battles are really our only escape from the system.

Thank you for considering.


No worries. They are aware of this problem and working on it so solution is soon to be come. :fed006: I think we will get a copy version of the galaxy… kinda like a multiverse and that could be a no op corps space. Otherwise we will continue sucking in SQ. :002: