Waz'Got - The Special Module Dilemma About Blocked Progression




Screenshot: The Waz’Got - Deadly Sin of  Gaijin!

KbBOngw.png e80XAUC.png



  • I tried to get special module components from random Iridium loot boxes.

  • I tried to get via Trade. Either it was not enough required parts or everybody just wanted a higher amount of GS (most did not have all the necessary items to send at once).

  • You need two different items, twice! C’mon, + 5 structures, but those are easy to get (Thar’Ga had assignment missions - this one should have it as well).

  • You are required to purchase a module in order to reach the higher rank, like Rank 9, which is just out of reach, unless if I get/buy this special module.


So, what do you plan to fix, how and when?

Best way to fix this is either by completing missions or just not adding those mandatory requirements in order to progress to the next Rank.



Please, vote and comment!