Waz'Dum 8 back to rank 9

I don’t use my Waz’Got much since I need some resources to get it leveled, but some time before the last patch I purchased a rank 9 Waz’Dum. Sometimes I do rank 9 skirmish for fun, and I’d equip the Waz’Dum to either my Valor or Styx. I don’t usually fly ships much below rank 9 (though I do enjoy using my Reaper and Phoenix occasionally) due to limitations and modules being removed from ships below 9 over time. After the latest patch, I noticed my Waz’Dum had gone down to rank 8, and I don’t have the research/resources for the rank 12 version yet. I’m pretty disappointed as I paid for a rank 9 Waz’Dum, not rank 8. This change also was not stated in the patch notes (unless it ties in with the whole banned Leagues weapons thing), so I can’t be the only one inconvenienced by this unexpected change, for this rank that is. Sure, I’m still able to use my Waz’Dum 8, but without shared coolers and heatsinks, its overheat rate is fairly frustrating, making it difficult to use below rank 9. 


So in conclusion, I’d highly suggest Waz’Dum 8 be moved back to rank 9, as it seems this change wasn’t entirely necessary to begin with. And once again, I purchased the weapon for its specific rank, so I did not expect it to be moved down a rank I generally don’t participate in.