Warrior Nation is RECRUITING!

Warrior Nation is a global multi-genre, multi-platform gaming community which has been a presence in the wider online gaming community since 1998! We have over 1500 active members spread across more than 50 different games. Our goal is to take over the world and support some of the best games out there.

Currently we have a few members (myself being one) who are actively playing and loving this game. We have our corporation set up, and clan tags established. Our goal is to have Star Conflict become one of our official sections. Microphones are encouraged and we do have a  team speak server. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here, in game, or in any of the ways below.
IG Account: krazysloth
Email: WNxSLOTH@gmail.com
Xfire: wnxchaox

Lt. Col Research and Development