Warp Submarine



Warp Submarine Frigates are designed to set ambush and provide disruptive lines around objectives and enemies, as well as forcing enemies to limit the time they can stay behind cover.

In addition, their actives modules can detect and improve the efficiency of allied weaponry against the located Targets.

Warp Submarine Ships feature a unique capacity of phasing themself outside of the Standard Dimension but by doing so, they are limited in the use of their weapons and modules, they become immune to most of the standard weaponry and are extremely difficult to detect through conventional means.

However, these advantages are offset by the size and the cost of the Warp Diving mechanics, making the ships vulnerable ( Light Hull / Light Shield) and limiting the amount of weapons and modules it can carry.


Features : Warp Submarine Frigates have excellent conciliation thus making them naturally hard to see and detect. When Diving into different Dimension, they can not regenerate Energy but have increased Regeneration Speed when in our Dimension and a Massive Capacitor Size in General.

This Class can only be equipped with 2 Weapon Turrets and only has 3 Active Module Slots (1 Taken by Special Module).


Strength : 

Atypical Gameplay. Warp Submarine does not rely on their Main Weapons as Damage Source and Killing Potential.

While being Frigates, they are much more maneuverable than standard Frigates but also much more exposed.

As they want to remains hidden most of the time, they can offer a good control over the battlefield and disrupt enemies with correctly positioned Charges. 

Defensive and Offensive Gameplay : Choose between covering your allies or annoying your enemies. 

Provide a Safe Space for your Destroyers and Frigates by Covering your Flanks with SubWarp Charge or Deploy your charges around  the Enemy to prevent any Flanks maneuvers.


Weakness : 

Warp Submarines are extremely dependant of Energy Management. While the Warp Dive allows them to ignore conventional firepower, they remain vulnerable againsts most of modules if the are detected. 

Due to the inner mechanics of Interdimensional Diving, Gravitational forces are extremely dangerous and can easily pull out the Warp Submarines.

Gravi-Lens, Gravi-Lasso, Gravi-Waves, Magnetic Charge, Tractor Beam, Reppealing Beam and Heavy-Repealling Drones can easily expose a Warp Submarine.

Since they can’t repair or be repaired while Diving, they are preferred Prey for Interceptor that can drain energy and Expose them.

Special Module : Warp Diving


Allows the Ship to shift into another Dimension, becoming insensible to conventional Damage and reducing it’s visibility from enemies by 90%.

Warp Diving has a preparation time of 2 seconds.

While Diving the Ship can’t regenerate energy and can’t use its Weapons and Modules outside of “Role’s Modules”.

Consume Energy over time

If energy is depleted, the ship automatically Surface


The Special Module is always linked to the first Active Module Slot and is always taking 1 active module slot.


Upon Diving, activate the Secondary Part of the Special Module’s effect : Subwarp Charges


Special Active Module : Subwarp Charges

This module is always present on Warp Submarine and cannot be removed.


Type: Active Module

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -17


Active Range : 750m

Active Time : 120 seconds

Energy Cost : 250 en. per Charge

Cooldown : 4 seconds per Charge

Reload : 25 seconds per Charge

Charges (Max) : 7


Deploy a Concussive Charge behind the Ship. The Charge is activated 2 seconds after release and stay in position for 120 seconds.

When the Charges are deployed without Diving, they stay visible for the enemies and do not gain any effect.

When the Charges are deployed while Diving, they become instantly invisible for the enemies and gain special effect depending of the Warp Submarine Faction :



Jericho (Kinetic)


Federation (EM)


Empire (Thermal)


Algorythm Charge 


For each Charge detonation, increase the efficiency of the next detonation by 2.5%.

(Damage and Explosion Radius)


A Kill with the Charge’s Detonation count as 3 Detonations.


The Buff does not expire till the ship is alive.

If the Ship is destroyed, all the bonuses are lost and the Algorythm counter reset.

Algorythm charge can only be gained while ship is alive.


Ignition Charge


The Detonation release a cloud of Overheated Residual Plasma upon detonation.


The Cloud itself deals no damage but any ship flying into the cloud will see their weapons overheat faster for 10 Seconds


If the Weapon Overheat, the Plasma Re-Ignite and start dealing damage over time. (Decreasing Damage)


Delayed Charge 


Upon detonation, infect all enemy ships in range with an explosive Nanodrones swarm.

Damage from the Nanodrones increase over time to a maximum of 8 seconds.

The infected Ships detonate after 8 Seconds.

The detonation can be triggered earlier with collision damage, thus greatly reducing the detonation damage



Additional Informations :


The Charges can be detected by any common means already present in the game, including detonating one in your face. Micro Locator / NanoLocator / Harvest Crystal can detect the already Placed Charges and futures charges that would be deployed in range of action.


The Charges, once they have been detected can be destroyed by Any Anti-Missile Devices

Active Missile Shield / Dome MDS can take control of the already deployed Charges while Missile Shield destroy them.

Special Weapon : Echo Analyzer (MK1)


Type : EM Weapon

For Role : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9-12 / 13-17


DPS (EM) : 600 (0)

Damage (EM) : 10 (0)

Rate of Fire : 60 rounds/min

Critical Chance : 15%

Critical Damage : 0%

Projectile Speed : 7500 m/s

Range : 7500 m

Full Overheating/Cooling : 6 / 1 seconds

The weapon can be use while Diving but deal no Damage.


A special Weapon designed to improve the combat characteristics for Warp Submarine.

The weapon itself isn’t designed to deal damage but to steal precious informations from the target to improve the Tactical Computer embarked in any Warp Submarines.

Effects depends of the Target :

Interceptors : Increase Speed

Fighters : Reduce Module Energy Cost

Frigates : Increase Shield and Hull Resistance

Destroyers : Increase Module Efficiency


Consecutive hit on a Target increase the bonus to a maximum of 15% and refresh the duration.

Base Duration = 12 seconds

Maximum Duration = 20 seconds


Special Missile : Holographic Torpedo


Type : Unguided Trolling Missile

For Ship type :  Frigate (Warp Submarine ▣)

Rank : 9-12 / 13-17

Issued for 1 Battle.


Blast (Thermal) : 1250 dmg.

Recharge : 12 sec

Explosion Radius : 400 m

Flight Range : 5000 m

Flight Speed : 1250 m/s

Charge in Cartridge : 5

Cartridge reloading time : 120 sec


A Torpedo carrying an Holographic Payload.

Upon detonation, create an Holographic Replica of the Ship for 15 seconds

If the Hologram is destroyed, all the ships targeting it have their Radards jammed for 8 seconds.

If an enemy fly at less than 500m from the Hologram, it explode dealing 5000 Thermal Damages points and jamming the enemy Radar for 8 seconds.


Active Module : Warp Sonar


Type: Active Module

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Active Range : 5000m

Active Time : 2 seconds

Energy Cost : 250 en.

Cooldown : 15 seconds


The Ship pulse its sonar in the direction its aiming at (Base Cone - 1500m).

The Wave progress at 2500m/s and reveals all the enemies hit by it for 10 seconds

Apply a Resistance Debuff to the enemies hit by the Sonar, reducing all resistance by 10 pts for 20 seconds, and can be accumulated 3 times to a maximum of -30 resistances pts.


Active Module : Repulsive Torpedo


Type: Active Module

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Firing Range (Max) : 4000 m

Projectile speed : 2000 m/s

Energy Cost : 500 en.

Cooldown : 35 seconds


Launch a Warp Torpedo equipped with a Magnetic Payload.

Upon collision or reaching max range, the torpedo detonate dealing 4000 (Kinetic) Damage points and creating a Gravitational anomaly pushing away all ships in a 500m radius for 6 seconds.

The gravitational Anomaly does not deal Damage, only the Initial Detonation does.

Active Module : Defensive Grid


Type: Active Module

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Active Range : 1250m

Active Time : 30 seconds

Energy Cost : 450 en.

Cooldown : 45

Charges (Max) : 12


Deploy an active Defensive Grid around the Ship.

The Grid is composed of 8-12 Drones able to take down 1 missile each. 

The drones deploy around the ship 3 by 3 :

  • 2-3 on the Top side
  • 2-3 on the Bottom side
  • 2-3 on the Right Flank
  • 2-3 on the Left Flank


After Intercepting a Missile, the Drone shut down.

Drones have a limited Missile Intercepting Angle, meaning that if a specifics section is saturated by missiles, drones on the other sides won’t be able to intercepts them.

Missiles can be intercepted from a Diving Warp Submarine without revealing the position of the ship.


Active Module : Emergency Dive


Type: Active Module

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Active Time : Instant

Energy Cost : 600 en.

Cooldown : 60


Overload the Warp Engine allowing the Ship to instantly Warp Dive at the cost of Security.

Upon activation, the Ship change dimension but can’t use any module for 12 seconds.

All Resistances are reduced by 50 pts for the 4 first seconds of the Dive.

Modifier : Void Emitter


Type: Capacitor Modifier

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Increase all Shield Resistance by 12.5 pts.

Transform 25% of direct damage to damage over time.

The Volume of Damage over time can’t surpass Maximal Shield Volume

It there is no shield anymore, Damage over time are transferred on the Hull of the Ship

Modifier : Acoustic Detector


Type: CPU Modifier

Group : Warp Submarine Modules

For Ship Type : Warp Submarine ▣

For Rank : 9 -12 / 13 - 17


Increase Sensor Range by 50%

Every 10 Seconds : Emitt an Acoustic Pulsation indicating how many Hidden Objects / Ships are in a 2.5km Radius.



Availibility :


Warp Submarine ships are available for crafting after reaching the Rank 9 for each Faction and fully unlocking the Main Frigate of the same Rank.

Due to the Technical Challenge of Building a Warp Diving Engine, they require the Mercenaries to provide all the ressources.

No Special Part are required for the building of this ships.


Only the Usual Ressources : 

  • Engine Package
  • Capacitor Package
  • Shield Package
  • Exterior Structure
  • Computing System
  • Credits


The Cost for each Ships depends of the Faction and Rank of the Crafted Ship.

Here a view of the Integration for all Ships Tree (Including Name Suggestion for the Ships)


Jericho :



Faster than their Jericho’s Cousins, Jericho Warp Submarine are the most technologically advanced. Jericho Engineers managed to combine the experience of differents family to provide each of them “Incredible Shielding Capacity”. Equipped with the best Tactical Computers available, the AI providing help to the Ship’s Captain excels in evolving directly from the battle and it’s efficiency increase during each engagement.

Federation :




The Leaders of the Federation are open to any opportunities, and developing Warp Submarines is one of the kind they are especially open to. 

Even with scarce resources, differents privates corporations managed to provide the Finest Engines allowing them to reach terrifying Mobility. But Speed come at a cost and this new generation of Ship is generating a lot of Plasma Residues. That was not a problem when Federation’s Engineers decided to use this residues to empower the devastating charges that the Ships could release.

Empire :




If the Empire is good at one thing, it is “Weaponizing” anything and retrofitting a Disintegrator Energy Source in a Hull not supposed to be able to can sometime leads to successful results.

With a Resilient Hull and Increased Engine Capacities, thanks to its energy source, this newly created Imperial Ships excel in roaming around “Vigilant” and “Brave” Class Destroyers, assuring the security of Imperial Firepower.

Statistics :


In terms of Statistics, They should approach a Survavibility close to Long Range Frigate from respective Faction (Empire and Jericho). This ships rely on there Diving Capacity and Mobility to Survive on the battlefield and aren’t supposed to engage in a Direct Engagement.

Players catching an Isolated and Vulnerable Warp Submarine should have no difficulties to annoy them (Or maybe it’s a trap?).


Special Mechanics :


Warp Submarine follows the Generals Rules for Frigates :

+25% Damage from Explosive Sources

Reduced Object Capture Speed

Increased Repair


Warp Submarine also follows some specifics rules impacting them only :

Warp Distortion : Prevent any form of Repairs or Energy from allies while Diving 

Warp Concillement : Warp Submarines are extremely hard to detect for normal sensor when Diving. This can be countered by Any Modules giving vision like “Micro Locator”


Preventive Answers :


How can I pull a Warp Submarine out of Dive?

Any Gravitational Tools will Remove a Warp Submarine from it’s Diving Position, exposing it instantly. You can use any module pushing or attracting it. Some may require to have a lock on them like “Gravi-Lasso”.


If an ECM has locked the Warp Submarine, it is able to use its modules, including Energy Drain mechanics from modules and Missiles. If the Warp Submarine does not have any energy, it will automatically re-surface and be exposed. Modules Disabling a Warp Submarines won’t force it to re-surface.


Warp Submarines are forced to re-surface at a time, due to the inability to regenerate energy when Diving and Diving consuming energy as well as them using modules, they are the most exposed at this moment, since there Capacitor is Empty.


Are Warp Submarines vulnerable against Weapons while Diving?



Are Warp Submarines vulnerable against Missiles while Diving?

No (Including Photon Emitter / Tempest Launcher / Crystalline Suppressor)

It is vulnerable against Guided Torpedo / Disintegrator


Are Warp Submarines vulnerable against modules while Diving?



Can I Pyro-Emitter the Shit out of this Warp Submarine annoying me for 5 minutes?



Can another Diving Warp Submarine hit my Diving Warp Submarine?

Yes but not with its weapons

It the main reason they can use a “Warp Torpedo” under the form of “Repulsive Torpedo” to expose and re-surface enemy Warp Submarine.


Can Warp Submarine capture a beacon / a bomb while Diving ?


If a Warp Submarine Dive while capturing a Beacon, it stops capturing it

If a Warp Submarine Dive while carrying a Bomb, it’s dropping the bomb.


Can it make Sandwich?

No, Technology hasn’t gone that far.


How can I detect a Warp Submarine?

By going Close to it (Around 1200-1000m)

Recon’s Modules specialized in Locating and detecting Ships will always show Warp Submarine, including Diving ones.

Gameplay and Dynamics :


Warp Submarines are specialized in providing Support and Controlling Area before combats reach it.

The use of the Charges can be used to disrupt the enemies movements between Objectives as well as protecting the Flanks of your allies.

They can use the Repulsive Torpedo to hunt other Warp Submarines as well as forcing your opponents to move from Cover.

Using the Warp Sonar will provide precious information to your team while exposing your enemies trying to sneak on your teammates. It can also be used to defend your less mobiles teammates from Invisible/Camouflaged opponents.

With the Defensive Grid, you can provide Close Range Anti-Missile Defense or Get some protection while Surfacing (Or setting a trap).


Diving is a question of Energy Management, you will have to look a lot at your Capacitor to not be forced to Surface in a Bad Position.


Void Shield and Emergency Diving are your escape tools, don’t neglect them.

Void Shield can allow you to mitigate heavy damage in order to Surface and Repair (Allied Engineer or Multipurpose Modules





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