Warp Gate Revamp

(Put the usual “this module stinks atm” spiel here.)

I suggest that the Warp-Gate work for any object or entity. This means weapons, missiles, rocks, drones, etc.

It should also be made easier to use for players. It should be made bigger and easier to hit, as well as perform various other functions. I suggest that it be an extension of the main weapon when teammates aren’t using it. It should fling objects through it at warp speed to be used as physical ammo. Asteroids and drones could become the next best thing to take down that annoying target.

Other changes could include giving it small self-defence turrets and making it last forever. The cooldown should only be for redeployment. It should also work in tandem with the Static Barrier to give itself extra defence. It just needs an over-all use buff. It could even be used not as a warp gate in the traditional sense but as a teleporter. Now -that- would be cool.

Very good idea! Should be implemented ASAP!

Idea is good, but as I remember that was discussed and tested once. Without success unfortunately. I’ll add it on a list anyway, will see what’s happen)


I have a concept for this based on some of TDRF’s ideas. Stay tuned… working on it. 

Does it also get a feature “actually warps your ship when you fly through it the correct way”?

You’ll see. It is a missile btw. :))

Here you go:

If this missile would work on any object it could make mobile any of them and could allow us warping any object to anywhere.  ![:biggrin:](< base_url >/uploads/emoticons/biggrin.gif “:biggrin:”)