Warp Bomb (New)

I posted something about this bomb a while back and it seemed that nobody knew what I was talking about, so here! I brought pictures this time!! ^^

The old idea was to make a craftable “bomb” that would function like a smaller EM nuke, and be put on any ships at the expense of regular ammo.

Name: Warp Bomb

Type: Secondary Weapon (type:mine,stationary)

Charges per cartridge: 3

Reload time: 20 seconds

Damage: 10,000 EM damage

AoE radius: 500m

Radiation cloud: yes

Radiation cloud effect: stops ships from using modules

Radiation cloud time: 6 seconds.

Time until detonation after placement: 6 seconds

Guard MS takedown: no

In-game icon: g29DJof.png

Crafting requirements: (1) Osmium Crystal, (1) Metal Blank, (1) Crystal Shard, (8000) Credits




so basicly, how nuke was, before it got nerfed to the ground, but with em damage.


I’d rather have nuke make more damage again, after all, if you don’t avoid it you should simply die by it. Even superman has troubles with those nukes. We shot them against giant motherships, wraith cruisers, asteroids and whatnot. It should still be deadly!


Warp Bomb - only the name does not reflect on me. While everything with warp in it sounds neat, it kinda has nothing to do with warp whatsoever, if its just like a em damage nuke; at least in the missions, it is a bomb against warp gates :smiley:

Better than “EM bomb that kills stuff”. :I

And I get what yet saying, and yeah it’s kinda meh, but nukes are fricking useless now as essentially any other weapon can out-damage it. I was just proposing a workaround for nuke/mine users like myself.

Also range is smaller and it doesn’t have any after-damage radiation.

Omg I had an idea. Post=edited.

Yes I know, as you know I also proposed an EMP Shockwave effect for nukes, or just something, to make it worthwile


While the warhead itself might be decided by the devs, the idea to create a temporary static aura inhibiting effects however is an interesting mechanic, which sounds inspiring.

I agree with g4borg. The name on this is misleading. Why not deal 20k damage and have every ship warp randomly 10 km away. I’m kidding.

But if damage were 5k and disabling time was 5 sec I would be okay with this. It should be called EMP Bomb.

Ugh… I’m trying to model it off of a pre-existing idea that the devs themselves implemented somewhat. It is a contract item called the “Warp Bomb” that either Cybers or Aliens planted on a warp-gate in Empire to blow it up. It has the model of the EMP bomb in the game mode “Detonation”, but the in-game icon of a purple alieny mine.

I want to make it real~

your suggestion was forwarded to the Devs - we dont need double posts


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