Want more then just a corp, but a solid team?

Hello I am Choll


  • Are you looking for a group of dedicated pilots who protect each other and work together for the win?

  • Are you after a group who uses TS to quickly co ordinate and then #$%^& the enemy up?

  • Do you want to learn how to train, lead, and organize the pilots with you so your team can leave the enemy as a mass of burning wreckage going “WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?!?”

  • Do you want a group that will help you grow as a pilot and give you heads up on the best ships for your fly style to look into?


If this sounds like what you are looking for, Just get me, My name is Choll as I said, We will fly together and see what you can do.


And If your not up to snuff now, If you want to fly with us, we will get you there.


Fly safe.

   - Choll

what corp are you refering to?

Considering he posted that nearly one year ago and has not been to the forums for just about as long I doubt you’ll get a response. Please don’t necro-post…

Locked for obvious reasons.