'Vulcan' is too silent

I can’t hear ‘Vulcan’ weapon sound when firing, it’s too silent.

It’s all about the bass, try better speakers ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

35 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

It’s all about the bass, try better speakers ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Still too silent with a far camera.

imo its ok, But I’m using headphone always, maybe on speakers sounds differently.

I find the sound perfect. the rather silent shooting of a minigun compared to other weapons, like giant coil and rail weapons is actually pretty cool. It seems the sound kinda should represent what you would hear through the hull, and also makes a good distinction to weapon types SC tries to use as mainstream.

it also catches the obvious vibe of The Expanse, especially the pretty awesome scene of the Rocci fighting the stealth ship at Thoth Station.

Of course, all this is only, because Expanse basicly is realisticly motivated, and tries to make a lot of scenes in space very silent, mostly sounds you would hear inside the ship while the guns fire outside, with some scenes showing you action without any sound at all.

I find it rather bad, that the Vulcan seemed to create lag for some players, and had a nice secondary slow effect. But I am not sure, if this has been fixed, as it doesnt happen anymore that much. I am also happy, that the impact sounds seem however better to hear for the target, at least, the impact sounds should be clearly distinguishable.

I’m using speakers and I’m playing on far camera.