Vourcher Loyality System in its current Form

There are already suggestions to change this System completly, so i will focus on the Problems of the current state.


My lovely wife began to play this game 2 Weeks ago, so i was able to see at her questions the things at the vourcher System, that are not friendly to new Players.


  • Every Contract need a checkbox “can be done in PVE”, indicating this can be done in PVE Mission

  • The T-Set to which the Contracts belong should be made visible (i know you may can think of this due to the rank of the Mission, but i its more clear to new Players if the contract states “I AM A T3 MISSION”.

  • Every time, a Ship in the Loadout is changed and a Contract is accepted the game have to check internal, if all selected Contracts are fullfillable with the current ship setup.

Otherwise there need to be a warning Popup “With your current T2 Ships, you cannot do the T3 Contracts you have active”


Have Fun




It might help some, but you can get all the contract requirements to include tier level if you click on the Info button.  Generally if a contract requires you to kill something it is PvP only.  


 Also there are absolutely 0 PvE contracts available to new players from about ranks 1-5 besides the “Win 1 battle” contracts regardless of subfaction.   There are a few beacon capture contracts that can be completed on Hidden Maintenance Shop but only on that one specific map.    It isn’t until about T3 that you start getting the efficiency rating contracts that can be done in PvE.

Good input. These are usability issues in current faction contracts that people do face.


I don’t see these as major issues, but indeed while doing overhaul for that system, these issues should be looked into.