Voucher system tweak

Adding voucher cost just under the credit cost on module upgrade would be helpful in terms of not confusing people about module upgrades being just about credits. Also, the constant going back and forth and checking the vouchers and everything is a bit tedious.

For those that don’t understand the issue I’m talking about, here’s some examples that are confusing me (someone aware of changes and how they function now) yet alone someone that’s not familiar with them. Unless u hover your mouse over the bar, you’d think that mk4 is only about credits, it’s really a minor visual bug rather than a complex issue to fix.


When you click upgrade button, you see credits and vouchers prices in the window before confiming upgrade  ![:007j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007j.png “:007j:”)

It’s just visual reorganizing, that’s all.