Vortex Weaver [Gunship Weapon]

Name: Vortex Weaver

Type: Gunship Main Weapon

Ranks: 9-15

Damage: 800-8500 Kinetic

AoE: 750-2500m

Projectile speed: 5750

Rate of fire: 30s/m

Range: 5000m

Heat: 9s/1s

Tooltip: A devastating weapon that spews highly compacted matter in the form of miniature black holes. Upon impact, the vortex will persist stationary for 3 seconds, dealing damage and dragging in enemies in its radius. If another shot hits the same vortex, it will reset its time and add to it’s power and size up to 7 times. It can persist for as long as you shoot singularities in to it, or for a maximum of 7 seconds on full stack. Multiple black holes can be created and sustained.

A black hole launcher? DiwkfialbglqbfiwlkflqlNOjfowlnöfppqkwn

Find my answer.

Nope. No and нет.

  1. False type of shipclass to use.

  2. No drawback of the weapon itself. Blackhole, that only can drag fiends??? Sorry, either all or non.

  3. To good anti-overheating weapon. Especially considering its damage potential.

  4. No counterway of the blackhole. Making it - especially with next to no avoidable projectiles - a mass inverter for ships.

another foxy craziness …


thanks fox now i feel even more normal after i saw that post

If stats or function is too powerful, suggest a change instead of pulling the topic elsewhere.

pulling it elswhere for example == GARLIC