Voodoo Vikings (Vking)




_ “We’re Vikings, it’s an occupational hazard!” _





We are a hard-fighting, competitive, sector conquest oriented corporation in the fields of pvp, pve and sector conquest. What we lack in numbers, we make it up in quality by having corporation members that are experienced, high skilled pilots. We want pilots that have spent countless matches perfecting their gameplay.


We also are the sister corporation of Ultra and form part of a vast alliance consisting of over 500 pilots. The Conflict Defense Force (CDF) includes the corporations of Ultra, Garc, Finn, Behem, FDEF, SRO, INCON.


What we offer to our members is a competitive environment, in which they can improve themselves, teach others, and dominate any sector. With the 500+ pilots that comprise the CDF alliance, you can be rest assured that you’ll have a galactic military behind you at all times.  


We also help our members learn how to work in groups for sector conquest. With a private battle formations and tactics document, we can coordinate attacks on any battle mode. Because this is a flowing document, you are free to add new ideas for gameplay tactics.


Our ultimate goal is to use the experience from our previous corp to propel Voodoo Vikings to being the number one corp in Star Conflict.  And that all begins with you!


Requirements to join

·      have teamspeak (indispensable)

·      have a minimum 200 pvp battles

·      kill average of 2.0

·      assist average of 4.0

·      a minimum of 3 to 4 battle ready T3 ships


Our corporation’s senior staff is as follows:


CEO: VortexVex


VP: ErikErikson



Officer’s: this could be you, are you up to the challenge? 


Current Officer core:







       If you are interested in joining, you can contact any of our staff members by personal message (P.M.) or mail them in the game, or also you can take a screen shot of your stats and send it to the member that created this thread.


Happy looting and plundering. 

Welcome :slight_smile:  Look forward to fighting you!

Welcome and good luck !


Welcome :slight_smile:  Look forward to fighting you!


when there will be another ultra wing, for another fight like last time, will have more ppl with the new tag, cya in battle

Even though I have already said it, congratulations on the formation of your corporation. 

012j.png Hope to have fun flying with you.

Well, 1st, welcome to the game… again :smiley:

… With the 500+ pilots that comprise the CDF alliance, you can be rest assured that you’ll have a galactic military behind you at all times.

And 2d, where da heck are all these 500+ pilots??? All I see is 5-10 min wait in T5 for 3v3-5v5 :frowning:

Go CDF!! For the comic sans!

Holy crap, fer left Ultra. 0_0


Apparently i’m no longer on voodoo’s ignore list… who would have thought. I will look forward to fighting you guys in invasion and killing you all mwahahaha! :P 


Anyways, Welcome Voodoo Vikings! 


thanks guys, and defenetly we will see you in battle

Welcome guys and good luck :wink:

thanks man

thank you!

Currently Voodoo Vikings has two pilots in Top 10 weekly pilot rating! We thank very much for their efforts in showing Vikings new but Top Corp!

Voodoo Vikings now has a good library of different ship builds open to all CDF members, along with videos of play and guidelines for use.  

currently Voodoo Vikings has pilot in second place in the weekly pvp rating congratulations Erik

Tx fer. As a small but powerful coorporation with still places free, we offer good pilots the chance to fly the dreadnaught. If u are interested in these and ur coorporation is too inactive, consider joining us.  

We offer corporations who cannot complete the dread on time the possibility to fly with our dreadnought as mercenaries. If u are interested, send me a mail in forum or contact any Viking officer ingame.

Thank you. While we lack any old veterans, we have three players continuously in Top 50 and also the support of the CDF-Meta Alliance with additinonal good players. Therefore we can teach players of T3-T4 everything they need to know. Even good T5 players may learn some new trick flying with us.


Still we lack the manpower to support multiple dreadnought fronts, so we are happy to take in merceneary help.